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Carpe Diem OUR Way - Lindsay and Family

Photo Credit: Tiffany at TG Photography, Vancouver BC

About us


Lindsay is the voice behind most of the posts you will find here. She is spontaneous, loves travel, soccer, wine, photography and very recently discovered she loves to write. After intermittently journaling for most of her life and then talking about blogging since their first vacation as a family of three, she has finally put the plan into motion. She has the vision behind Carpe Diem OUR Way and has forever tried to seize the day and not let an opportunity slip by. Raimo often says that once she has set her mind to something, good luck trying to stop her. Lindsay is a member of the British Columbia Association of Travel Writers (BCATW) and a Freelance Writer. You can see her published articles on her Freelance Page.

Raimo enjoys following along on Lindsay’s travel adventures. He also keeps busy by collecting autographed sports memorabilia, coins and star wars figures. He makes Lindsay flesh-out her (often) crazy ideas before letting her put them into motion. Other times, he just lets her have her way (such as going couch shopping, and coming home with a new family car, or house hunting just for fun, and buying their first home on Easter Sunday because Lindsay “just couldn’t wait.”) Raimo keeps Lindsay grounded and Lindsay pushes Raimo’s comfort zone. Together they have embarked on some amazing travel adventures and now with two small boys, they travel together as a family.

Mattias and Markus are currently along for the ride. At 4 and 2 years old, they keep their parents busy. Mattias is often referred to as Matti throughout this blog. He is kind and cautious (but has gotten a lot braver since turning 3 and is now “big”). Markus is the fearless, don’t-take-your-eye-off-him-for-a second toddler with an infectious laugh. Both boy’s friendly attitude and giant smiles light up the faces of everyone they meet.

Most of the posts you will find on this site are catered to family travel, but there will be a few posts of other adventures and possibly mis-adventures and what Lindsay hopes will be inspiration (or at least a little bit of enjoyment).

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