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Too Busy to Pack your Child’s Carry-on: AllPakt Review

AllPakt Contents - Family Travel

AllPakt contents


This post was originally posted on Urban Baby and Toddler Magazine’s Blog. You can check it out (as well as other freelance work) here!

When I saw this product, I knew I would love it before had even received it! It was created by co-workers and friends, Helen Lee and Katy Romero, while they were what, on vacation, of course! While sharing a drink, they talked about the joys of traveling with little ones and the backpacks full of things that they would pack to make airplane travel just a little more enjoyable for everyone! And out of that conversation, the AllPakt was born!

So what exactly is the AllPakt?

Well, quite simply it is a backpack full of toys and activities for preschool aged children to keep them busy!

AllPakt-Review-Carpe-Diem-OUR-Way   Cheking-out-the-AllPakt---Family-Travel-

The cute blue backpack (it also comes in 5 other colors) came full of age appropriate activities, toys and crayons including a magnetic play board and magnets, modeling clay, a hand puppet, a CubeBot (more about this below), reusable activity cards and a dry erase pen , a doodle pad, a tray for your lap (or tray table) a book, Wikki Stix (one of my favorite items to travel with), and travel wipes!

AllPakt Review Cubebot Carpe Diem OUR Way

So what did they grab first?

Mattias, my 4 year old, went straight for the Cubebot, a robot made of wood and elastic. A superhero addict, Mattias was happy to pose and then fly his robot around his seat and crash land it back on the tray table! (Now if i could figure out how to get it back to its original cube we would be golden!)


Markus, my two year old, went right for the Melissa and Doug dinosaur magnetic board and was happy to stick and unstick the dinosaurs and eggs all over the prehistoric play scene. I love that this board can be used over and over and is great for the car or a restaurant table too!

AllPakt contents Carpe Diem OUR Way

What was my favorite?

Once we went through and checked out everything, the Usborne activity cards were a hit for all of us. Large, high quality cards, which you could write on with a dry erase marker, kept the boys happy for over an hour! They were full of mazes, coloring activities and basic letter games that were perfect for preschool ages children. Markus was even able to a lot of the activities such as “draw wheels on the car” or “finish the picture of the butterfly!”

Usborne Cards - My personal favorite

Usborne Cards – My personal favorite

There was also lots of room for me to pack some snacks for the kids. My staples are things like fishy crackers, granola bars, apples (for domestic flights only), or fruit snacks. Check out our whole list here! I was even able to fit their “lovies” in the bag. For Markus it is a small blankey and for Mattias it is a bunny and a small blankey! I clipped aa empty reusable water bottle for filling once past security, on to the handle of the backpack and we were set for our flight! I probably could have fit a spare change of clothes (always a good idea when flying with kids) if I had not put both kids snacks and lovies in the same backpack!

Using the Usborne Cards

Using the Usborne Cards

When traveling with a preschooler or toddler, it is important to keep in mind the “weight” of the backpack. The idea is for them to carry it themselves, so if it is too heavy, you will be the one with it on your back! The AllPakt is 1.5 kg when packed (3 lb. 5 oz.) with the included contents.


But if you do end up having to carry it yourself, do your self a favor and attach a carabineer clip to one of the straps and you can easily hook it to your bag or case in seconds!


Now that we are home, this adorable backpack will live in our car for road trips and we can refill it with snacks and new treasures on our next vacation! Since it is full of really high quality items, we will get lots of use out of each of its contents!

Want your own?

You can get an Alpakt from their website

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AllPakt Carry-on For Kids! Take the Stress out of Packing


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