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How to get your Child into Legoland for Free!

Want to Save money at Legoland California?? Who doesn’t!

How to get into Legoland for Free! save money at legoland

With one simple tip, i can save you almost $100 (the cost of a child admission) on your next visit to Legoland!

HOW to get into Legoland for Free?

I actually stumbled upon this by accident. While in San Diego, we hit up the local Target and i bought my boys a small pack of lego to play with while we had some downtime at the Welk Resort on our San Diego Vacation.

Save money at Legoland

Small Lego Packs available at Target or as promotions at most Lego Stores

You can purchase the small packs of Lego for less than $5 at places like Target, online at (for US Shoppers) or Canadians) and they are also often sold as promotions at Lego Stores around Canada and the USA.


How to go to Legoland for Free

Free Entrance for a Child at Legoland

Flip them over and you should find a FREE Child’s pass to Legoland! We were pleasantly surprised at this find at Target the day before our scheduled visit to the park!

Kids go Free to Legoland!

Kids go Free to Legoland!

Will this be your first visit to Legoland California? Check out rates for the Legoland Carlsbad Hotel. It is a great way to enhance your Legoland experience!

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How to get into Legoland for Free! Check out how to Save money on your next visit to Legoland! How to get into Legoland for Free!

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One thought on “How to get your Child into Legoland for Free!

  1. KyLee Dickinson

    We ordered our tickets online and used free kids tickets coupons that our kids got in their McDonalds happy meals back when they had the lego batsman toys! 😍😍😍 Such a relief!

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