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Why we want to visit Iceland with Kids

Why we want to Visit Iceland with KidsWhy we want to Visit Iceland with Kids


Living in Vancouver my whole life, I never really understood why volcanic eruptions in Iceland was such big world news. That was until I took my first flight to London. You see, I thought that in order to get to London, we would fly across Canada, and then across the Atlantic Ocean, finally reaching the UK in a left to right trajectory around the Earth. But I was so wrong; flying from Vancouver, we flew OVER the north pole of the earth (where Greenland is) and then DOWN to the UK, right over Iceland, which is home to over 130 volcanoes, 12 of them considered to be active.

Ever since I learned of our trajectory, Iceland has always seemed a mystery to me. Its country’s name “ICE”land, makes me wonder if it is a barren country covered in ice and snow. Perhaps, the same way many American’s view Canada. (and for the record, No, Canada is not covered in ice and snow. Some of it is, but the majority of Canadians (99.999999% of us) do not live in igloos or drive dog sleds. Hey, we barely even get snow in Vancouver most years!) But I digress, I wanted to learn what Iceland was really about.

Hnausapollur Crater Lake in  Iceland

Hnausapollur Crater Lake

Let the Iceland Planning Begin!


We are hoping for about a week, and don’t like to rush from place to place! With two little kids, we want to be able to stay at a playground if they are having fun, or head back for a quiet afternoon if the kids are exhausted. So traditional tours do not really work for us. So this itinerary was going to be up to me!

Winter and Summer offer different experiences. In summer, experience the midnight sun, but in winter, gaze at the northern lights dancing in the sky. Our friends at Zig Zag on Earth have some suggestions on the Best time to visit Iceland if you are looking for more tips!

Visit Iceland with kids: the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Want to know what to expect in the Winter In Iceland?

Why I want to take my family to Iceland



When I started doing my research on Iceland, I learned a lot about the land of FIRE and ICE. While I struggled to read, let alone pronounce the foreign sounding Icelandic words ( you try and figure out how to say Snæfellsjökull – it is a 700 000 year old volcano by the way ), I was flooded by beautiful landscapes of all types, from volcanos reaching for the sky, to enormous glaciers and beautiful waters such as the famous Blue Lagoon, a geothermal salt water spa.  Its warm waters originate 2000 meters below the surface and on its way to the surface, it picks up silica and minerals. The surface temperature can range between 89-104 °F (37-40°C)!

Here is a great post about the Blue Lagoon for Families

I cannot wait to see what the kids think when they see an actual erupting volcano. I have never even seen a volcano up close, let alone an active one! (You can find useful information about the volcano activity here). Then look up to the expanse of the night sky to wonder at the amazing aurora borealis, or northern lights as most people know them as, as they dance across the sky. I haven’t seen these since I was a child in Northern British Columbia and still remember those days staring up at the dancing lights.

If you only have a limited stopover in Iceland – here is what to do in 48 hours!

But wait, we are not finished with the natural wonders, like the Strokkur geyser which can erupt up to 70 meters into the air! Or how about a a snowmobile tour or a dog-sledding ride while visiting Iceland! Did you know you can do this in the middle of summer? No, it is not just a winter activity in Iceland!

Visiting Iceland is not all about the landscapes, its unique animals, hardened to the tough climate just add to this amazing place! With abundant wildlife from Icelandic horses and puffins, the kids will want to take one home with them and I am certain my camera will get quite the workout capturing these creatures in their natural habitat!



Iceland is a small country by population, which in 2014 was 325 000 people. It is well known as a very safe country to visit, especially with kids. It enjoys a low crime rate and very friendly locals. The larger hazards are the changing weather conditions and the dangers associated with the outdoors (injuries or getting lost). English is widely spoken, which is a comfort to many travellers.


Our Big Iceland Bucket List

So what did we come up with

  • Visit an Active Volcano
  • Experience the power of the Strokkur geyser
  • Swim in the Blue Lagoon
  • Explore the barren lands in search of puffins
  • Catch the Northern Lights
  • Drive the Golden Circle
  • Snowmobile across the barren land
  • Photograph a glacier

2017 seems so far away, but we are already filling up school holidays with our must-visit destinations, including visiting Iceland with kids.

Want More:

What Not to Miss in Iceland from Happy to Wander or Trip to Iceland from Pretty Wide World!

Have you been to Iceland? if not, what draws you to this land of contrasts? Let me know in the comments.

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here is why we are excited to visit Iceland with kids - Family Travel tips from Carpe Diem OUR Way


photo credits: Stokksnes Iceland by Emmanuel Milou, Icelandic Horse by Emmanual Garcia Crater lake by Lovepro Blue Lagoon Iceland Sarah Ackerman Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon by Moyan Brenn used under C.C 2.0


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19 thoughts on “Why we want to visit Iceland with Kids

  1. ShannonExplores

    Iceland sounds really beautiful, almost like a fairy tale land. It is definitely on my list to visit. My cousin used to live there and she loved it!

  2. Christina Wagar

    We absolutely loved Iceland. We were there for 2 weeks with our then 1.5-year-old and quickly found out that Iceland is perfect for travel with kids. There are still many places we want to see though and we would definitely love to go back.

  3. BonBon

    I am waiting for your visit and your blog:) I have kids and would love to tag them along to Iceland:) Maybe when they’re a bit older so we can do more activities. BUT heyyyy… what do I know? Maybe it’s okay to go while they’re still small? I wanna hear from you:) Thank u

    1. Lindsay Post author

      Traveling with little ones is no harder than spending the day at home with them! As long as you don’t expect it to be a vacation where you get to check out from being a parent! We always work kid-free time into our days!

  4. Katja

    Thank you for doing all the hard work and coming up with Iceland “must sees” for families! I’ve long wanted to visit so will be bookmarking this for when we get the chance to go.

  5. Gabby

    Awesome write up! I went to Iceland in the summer solo a few years beack and agree its a blast, and its also so so safe. Have a great time!

  6. Prianka

    I haven’t made it to Iceland yet – only because I’m in Asia but those very cheap WOW Air flights are _very_ tempting! I saw it is in your pinterest collage, but I would absolutely recommend Jökulsárlón – my friends who went said it was phenomenal and much, much less crowded than some other areas. I’m still dying to get to Iceland, I think your kids will love it!

  7. Kelsi H

    My husband and i have been tossing around the idea of an iceland trip in the near future…. I have pinned this to share with him!!

  8. Mark at NWRoadtrips

    Looks like an amazing trip! Iceland has always been on my list of places to go and I’d never thought of it before as a place even the little ones would have fun at. Great info!

  9. Roger Wellington (

    Very nice article on Iceland! I love would to visit one day. 🙂

  10. Wouter

    We went to Iceland last spring, it was really amazing! Thank so much for your work and info! It was my second time i have visited Iceland but after reading your inspiration and want to jump on the plane again.

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