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4 Simple Tips to Travel Cheap in Manchester

travel cheap in Manchester with kids

4 Simple Tips to Travel Cheap in Manchester

United Kingdom is a favorite destination of most travelers from across the globe. It offers tons of stunning views, awe-inspiring tourist attractions, as well as great-tasting food and wine. This country lets you experience the ultimate vacation with the people you love the most. There are so many things to go in Manchester with kids, and if you are reading this post, you must be considering it for your next family holiday.

Manchester is one of the popular cities in the UK where you can spend an unforgettable vacation with your family or friends. However, this vibrant city can be costly for visitors. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways on how you can visit this fascinating destination on a budget.

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Upon your arrival, there is a car hire in Manchester airport that will transport you wherever you want. It is a hassle-free and convenient ride that will take you to your desired destinations. When traveling with kids, especially toddler”™s some convenience is always important in your holiday.

Manchester United Kingdom - Town Hall

Ready to explore Manchester? Here is how you can score a budget-friendly trip to this city:

Where to Stay in Manchester: Low-cost lodging

Find affordable accommodation around the city, but never compromise on quality. There are various types of accommodations from some cheap hostels, rooms, or hotels where you can choose to stay in for the night or for your whole visit. Some of the low-cost ones are near the Piccadilly Train Station. If you do not hire a car in the airport, you can try Manchester’s Metrolink system that made attractions, businesses, and shops closer to one another. Thus, you won’t find it hard to get from one place to another from where you stay.

What to do in Manchester: Free tourist spots

Numerous free attractions for all ages are available around the city centre. There are so many things to do in Manchester because this diverse city offers amazing parks and green spaces…  ( we recommend checking out Heaton Park) as well as astonishing galleries and museums. Check out the Manchester Museum for natural history to keep the little ones entertained! Also, check out the calendar to see if there is a festival on when you are planning your visit! When you check into your hotel, I suggest you ask them if there are any events going on during your stay.

What to Eat in Manchester: Cheap eats and drinks

Just like the other United Kingdom cities, Manchester has also its world-class and high-end restaurants. However, if you are on a budget and want to save more on food or if you re like our family and your little ones do not appreciate expensive food (or want to sit at the table long enough to enjoy it), you can actually eat cheap. Pub food is one of our favourites for quick eats! Who doesn’t love some bangers and mash! A quick search online comes up with plenty of family-friendly places to eat!

Budget Travel in Manchester with children

Getting around in Manchester: Budget transportation

Taxis in Manchester are one of the most expensive mode of transport in the whole world. If possible, take the bus or train to explore the city. In fact, you can get an unlimited day bus ticket that only costs you a bit and takes you wherever you want to go around the region. Alternatively, you can hire a car. It can be a bit costly, but the convenience is something we always take into account. And yes, we do travel with car seats!

On the whole, you can travel around Manchester even with a tight budget. Although Manchester can be a costly travel destination, it still has a room for all budget travelers. There is nothing to worry about for tons of low-priced accommodations, food, transportation, and attractions are available here.

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4 ways to travel cheap in Manchester, United Kingdom on your next vacation from Carpe Diem OUR Way

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