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5 Best U.S. Cities To Visit

5 Best U.S. Cities To Visit

Planning a trip in the United States means sifting through a lot of popular destinations. There are famous beaches, beautiful natural parks, and exciting cities. The U.S. is home to some of the world’s biggest and most well known cities, and it can be a little bit hard to prioritize one over the other. For that reason, we’ve gone ahead and picked out five that just might be the best ones to visit.


New York, New York

It might be the boring choice (or at least the predictable one), but New York is still one of the most interesting places in the U.S., if not the entire world, to visit. We’ve written before about the hits and misses of New York City, and it’s true that there are some popular attractions that aren’t worth your time. The fun thing about New York is that even beyond the major attractions there’s limitless activity to enjoy. You can find fine dining, attend shows, walk through interesting neighborhoods, and, as cliché as it might sound, simply enjoy the eclectic mix of people around you.

And If you are visiting New York, take a side trip over to Boston and check out these places to stay with kids in the city!


Portland, Oregon

Portland has become one of the hottest urban destinations in the U.S., largely thanks to its willingness to embrace trends. The city has been very forward-looking on green initiatives to the point that it’s now known as a particularly good cycling city. It’s also become a hot spot for food trucks and craft beer, both of which have exploded in popularity across the U.S. Portland also happens to be a beautiful city, with the snow-capped Mount Hood in the background and Willamette River running through downtown. It’s the sort of place you might just fall in love with if you stay for a week.


Chicago, Illinois

One of the charms of America’s big cities is that they tend to have proud populations. People are loyal to the cities they come from, and in some cases that results in a kind of palpable but intangible “team spirit” that exists citywide. Nowhere is that more true than in Chicago (though Boston gives it a run for its money). This is the biggest city in the American Midwest, and its population makes it a very special place to visit. It’s also known for great food and interesting architecture, as well as great sports franchises and the beautiful scenery of Lake Michigan.


Las Vegas, Nevada

15 years ago, one could have imagined Las Vegas becoming a ghost town. Online casinos were emerging, and have only improved since then. Now, most popular casino games have a companion live dealer version that makes them feel almost as realistic as playing at a real card table. But no matter how great these alternatives get, Vegas has proven resilient, and not just for its incredibly game offerings. The city remains a world-class entertainment hub, featuring some of the best nightclubs, stage shows, and resort amenities in the entire world. It’s can be an intense place to visit, but one that should make your list.


Miami, Florida

Miami might just be the most unique of the major U.S. cities. It’s far from the only one situated on the water, but it embraces its seaside position more than most—to the point that some of its beaches are little short of legendary. Known for high-end shopping, buzzing nightlife, along with its rich Cuban culture and beachside lunch spots, Miami offers a great blend of beach and city lifestyles.

While you may not be able to visit the East ad West coast in one visit, there is always more to explore and a reason to return! Which is your favourite US City?

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