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5 Family Travel Vacations for 2017

Five Family Travel Adventures for 2017

5 Family Travel Vacations for 2017


There is nothing wrong with Disneyland being your family’s ideal vacation. Hey, we love Disneyland and the kids are always asking when we are going back. If Disneyland is for you, check out these posts on our Disneyland tips and tricks.

But if you are looking for something that is a little more out of the box here are 5 of my top picks fro family adventure destinations in 2017

Pyramid of Khafre

Pyramid of Khafre


If the 7 wonders of the world, or ancient history are of any interest for you, the allure of the Pyramid of Giza or gazing at the Sphinx have got to be on your bucket list. They are on mine! Since the unrest of 2014, Egypt tourism is way down. But it is coming back. 2017 is the year for Egypt! Imagine gazing over the desert without hords of crowds competing for the best view. Give your kids the experience of a lifetime, and choose Egypt for your 2017 travels.

If your visit includes Hurghada, check out my favorite Hughada Excursions

For tour itinerary support check out Encounters Travel.

5 Family Vacations for 2017

Westminster, London


While not a super off-beat destination, it has never been cheaper to visit. After Brexit, the pound fell sharply, and you can buy 1 GBP for around 1.23 USD. There is something for everyone in England. If Stonehenge is on your bucket-list, why not visit in 2017. And if you are headed that way, visit Avebury, much less known, much less crowded and you can walk among the stones and even touch them. As many of you know, Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander is one of my favourite books of all time, and being near these standing stones is nothing but eerie!

And if Scotland is on your bucket list, here are 50 Useful tips for Glasgow

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Lake Louise, Canada

Lake Louise, Canada


I little attention for my home country. Celebrating its 150th Birthday, It is a great time to visit Canada. Especially if you are an American. The USD goes pretty far these days! You can visit the National Parks for free in 2017 with a Parks Canada pass. Pick a region, whether the East Coast, the West Cost, Quebec, or somewhere in between. Each of the regions in Canada are so diverse but the country is so large, do not spend your whole trip travelling from place to place! It is also a great place to go camping – I highly suggestion Camping in Tofino. I am a little biased to Vancouver as it is my hometown, and if you are planning on hitting the West Coast, here are 40 things to do in Vancouver.

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Exploring Petra's Lower Siq by Donkey

Exploring Petra’s Little Siq by Donkey, Jordan


This small Middle Eastern country has stolen my heart. We will be back in Jordan in 2017 and spending hopefully a month exploring this misunderstood region while we keep a home base in Amman. While Jordan”™s neighbours may have conflicts, Jordan is safe and welcoming for travellers of all kinds. And imagine, visiting ancient Roman ruins without the thousands that you will find littered in Rome or gazing at the amazing ancient city of Petra.

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Family Travel Destinations - Cuba



If you carry an American passport, Cuba is now open for you! While many expect the American influence to change what character Cuba has, we do not know what is in store for this Caribbean Island. If you think Cuba is just beaches, you are wrong! There is so much more to see!

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5 Family Travel Adventures for 2017

photo credits:… Pyramid of Khafre Dennis Jarvis, London by Berit Watkin, Lake Louise… Stephen Liu,… Cuba by See her Travel

9 thoughts on “5 Family Travel Vacations for 2017

  1. Rachel Lewis

    I would really love to go visit Cuba this year and I’ll be in Cancun and Tulum so it’s really quite close, maybe I should just do it! Thanks these are some great vacation ideas!

  2. The Adventure Ahead

    As a fellow Canadian, I was happy to see Canada on the list. Love the list of top things to do in Vancouver – such a fun city!

  3. Victoria

    We live in the US within a driving distance to Canadian Quebec and visit every year- for spas, French food, skiing, etc. This year Montreal is also celebrating an anniversary and they are hosting 2017 Gymnastics Worlds (plan to be there!!)

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