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5 Stops as part of a Perfect Greece Itinerary with Tweens

Tweens are kids between the ages of 9 and 12. They are no longer a little child but not quite a teenager yet. And just because your tweens are getting older does not mean you can no longer enjoy an awesome family vacation with them. In fact, now is the best time to take them on holiday. 

When it comes to a holiday with your tweens, places like Greece would be a great destination to visit. With its beautiful islands, stunning beaches, rich history, and incredible food, you and your tweens are guaranteed to have the best adventure of your life!

But before you go, make sure you plan your trip well. So, here are 5 stops that make up the perfect Greece itinerary with tweens.

1. Explore the History of Athens 

When it comes to learning about ancient history, Greece is the best place to visit. Athens, the capital city, holds the country’s richest historical treasures. Thus, one of the best things to do with your tweens at the start of any sort of family Greek vacations is to discover the rich Greek history in Athens.

Consider doing a tour to see all the historical gems of the city. You’ll find plenty of private tours in Greece to take you to iconic sites like the Parthenon and the Acropolis. Parthenon is the highest point of Acropolis and a great testimony to the sophistication and wealth of ancient Greece. Despite pirate attacks and being subjected to fires, the Parthenon survived for more than 2,000 years, making it a truly interesting site to visit. 

Meanwhile, the Acropolis of Athens dominates the city’s skyline. Sitting on top of a sheer cliff, this ancient citadel is home to some of the most significant surviving buildings from the ancient Greek civilisation.

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2. Island Hop to Paros

Paros is a gorgeous Greek island famous for its stunning beaches with crystal clear waters, scenic villages, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Located at the heart of the Cyclades, island hopping to Paros is a must-activity for families with tweens. 

Before hitting the beaches, spend some time exploring Parikia, the island’s capital city. It is a stunning Cycladic village with whitewashed houses and impressive neoclassical mansions. Here, you’ll find a well-preserved Venetian castle standing on a hill in the middle of the village and overlooking the stunning views of Parikia. You’ll also find important ecclesiastical monuments in the capital, such as the Panayia Ekatontapyliani, a church built in the 6th-century. 

If your tweens are excited to take a dip at the many beautiful beaches on the island, take them to Chrissi Akti, a popular spot for water sports like windsurfing. In fact, it hosts the yearly Windsurfing World Championship. The beach of Kalogeros, surrounded by the distinct red and green clay rocks, is a popular spot for a natural spa. Here, visitors can be seen covering their bodies with clay and leaving them to dry under the sun. This is believed to make your skin feel softer than ever.

3. Party in Mykonos  

Mykonos is dubbed the party island of Greece, frequented by billionaires and spring breakers. If your tweens want to experience the nightlife in Greece, take them to Mykonos. Aside from its vibrant party atmosphere, Mykonos has beautiful beaches and family-friendly amenities, making it a wonderful destination for a Greek holiday with your tweens. 

Mykonos is also home to several beautiful beaches, from remote and secluded ones to beaches with tourism facilities lined with great restaurants and bars. The town is also worth exploring on foot, with its fascinating architectural history and excellent dining spots. From the charming windmills to Little Venice, great museums, and ancient churches, you’ll find plenty of wonderful things to discover as you stroll through the beautiful town.

After a day spent exploring the town, make your way to the various beach bars and clubs dotting the island. And to make your visit to Mykonos even more memorable and fun, stay in a large Greek villa with a pool. These luxury villas in Mykonos that are fully fitted with modern amenities, giving you and your tweens a comfortable and relaxing stay. 

4. Dine in Santorini with Views 

While many people think that Santorini is a destination meant only for couples on honeymoon or a romantic trip, the island is also a wonderful destination for families, especially those with tweens who love to explore and spend some time at the beach. 

Santorini offers some of the best swimming spots in Greece. You’ll find several beaches on the island where you and your tweens can spend some quality family time. If you’re also travelling with little kids, the Monolithos beach is highly recommended, with its shallow waters safe enough for the kids to swim at. For your tweens who love adventures, the options are endless. Here, they can go jet skiing, paddle boarding, parasailing, and many other fun water activities. Your tweens will also enjoy a boat tour around the Caldera. 

The best places to stay in Santorini with your tweens are those near the beach, such as Perivolos, Perissa, and Kamari. Consider booking a room next to the beach giving your kids easy access to the many fun water activities.

Santorini Greece Pool

5. Relax on Milos Beach

To enjoy ultimate relaxation on your family holiday in Greece, head to Milos, a volcanic island off the Aegean Sea north of Crete. Home to beautiful beaches, Milos offers a perfect escape for a relaxing holiday with your tweens. 

The interesting rock formations and magnificent colours of the beaches in Milos offer a perfect spot to spend a day at the sea. The most famous of these beaches is the Sarakiniko beach. Situated on the north shore of the island, it is surrounded by stunning white rocks and is considered among the most impressive beaches in Greece. Its landscape is very impressive, featuring long horizontal rocks bent over the sea. The landscape formed by the volcanic rocks does not show any signs of vegetation. It’s coloured entirely in bright white, providing an interesting contrast to the deep blue waters in the surrounding. 

Aside from its beautiful beach, Milos is also a popular place to explore. Here, you can visit some of the island’s most important sights, including traditional fishing villages home to early Christian catacombs and other geological sites.

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