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Are Cruises Finally Shifting Towards a Younger Audience?

Are Cruises Finally Shifting Towards a Younger Audience?


Has nobody else ever considered how strange it is that taking a boat trip to some of the most beautiful places in the world is a privilege reserved for the older generation? Yes, there”™s nothing barring you from booking onto one and travelling around the globe, but it”™s not an industry that seems particularly keen to attract millennials.

Cruises for young people. Catering to Millennials

Cruise info for Millennial Travellers

We”™re talking, of course, about cruises ”“ the reserve of rich retirees who are not through with jet-setting just yet. Their traditional go-to for getting away from colder climes once the winter sets in, the idea of them is undoubtedly appealing, but they still seem somehow exclusive if you”™re aged below 50.

This is all changing. If you are like me and … would quite like to step aboard and see what all of the fuss is about, it”™s time to get excited!… 

A Shifting Focus

We don”™t tend to associate the older generation with anything too outlandish, yet cruise ships have always been a place that combined the two. Featuring everything from on-board climbing walls to floating casinos, nightclubs, and ice spas, they should be the perfect playground for the young and the adventurous, so why aren”™t they?

It”™s a good question, and one that the industry is trying to address, seemingly successfully. With the average age of passengers already down from 56 in 2002 to 46 now, their tactics obviously hold some appeal, which is good news for us millennials.

The best part is that lots of great chains like Bolsover Cruise Club are getting on board with this idea, with some going as far as producing new ships especially aimed at us!


Cruise info for Millennials

Beautiful Vancouver Harbor

How They”™re Hoping to Impress You (and Me)

So what tactics are these business savvy shipping companies employing to lure you aboard?

Here is just a taste of what you can expect to see on deck: … 

  • Studio cabins for solo cruisers, plus access to special bars or lounges where singles can meet over drinks.
  • Condoms, pregnancy tests, lubricants, and the morning-after pill available by prescription to any passenger who needs them.
  • Specially formulated itineraries to cater to younger cruisers.
  • Improved access to a high speed internet connection.
  • Shorter itineraries for those who don”™t have a lot of vacation time.

Why not choose to test drive a new and improved version yourself? With 53 percent of millennials showing an interest in giving a cruise a go, isn”™t it worth breaking the mould and broadening your horizons with an exciting adventure on the high seas? And if you are like me, cruises are not just for singles, there are kids clubs for families with children to keep them entertained all day, and give us moms and dad’s a break! And why not try a vacation with grandma and grandpa! Cruising would be great for multigenerational travel!

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Are you a millennial planning a cruise? Where are you thinking? Let me know in the comments!
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