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The Best Cities to Explore in America as a Solo Traveller

the Best USA Cities for the Solo Traveller

The Best Cities to Explore in America as a Solo Traveller


Travelling solo can be an incredibly rewarding and important experience that teaches you many valuable life lessons. In addition to this, you also have complete control over what you do each day and it is a fantastic way to meet new people.

One of the greatest places for solo travel is America – this is because travelling is straightforward throughout the country, there are many amazing and very friendly places to choose from and all kinds of unique adventures that you could have. For the best adventures, you should look into booking your trip with a reputable holiday organiser, like Trek America.


Here are few of the best cities to travel to if you are going solo:

Portland, Oregon

The cool city of Portland is famed for its laid-back, friendly atmosphere and beautiful hiking trails around the city. The city itself is also very green and forward-thinking, plus there are all kinds of great cultural activities. You will not struggle to keep yourself occupied or make new friends here.

New York, New York

With a nickname like “The City That Never Sleeps”, you know that you are in for a good time when you travel to New York as a solo traveller. There are, of course, endless highlights to check out, as well as an electric atmosphere throughout the city. Find a cultural activity and you are sure to meet some likeminded folk in The Big Apple.

Boulder, Colorado

If you like the great outdoors then Boulder is a superb place to visit solo as it is found at the base of the Rocky Mountains foothills. By day, you can spend your time hiking, cycling or even skiing in the area, and then hit the town in the evening when Boulder comes to life with many fantastic pubs, bars and restaurants.

San Francisco, California

A city known for being progressive, friendly and laid-back, San Francisco is ideal for solo travellers who will have the time of their lives whether this is exploring on their own or making new friends. Unsurprisingly, you find many solo travellers here and you are sure to encounter some whether you are touring the city by tram, chilling in a cool bar or enjoying a free festival in the park.

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Austin, Texas

Music lovers will adore Austin, which has music flowing through its veins and is a way of life here. Everywhere you turn there are concerts, performance and festivals to check out, as well as a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere that any solo traveller will benefit from.

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