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Boredom Buster: Papa’s Sushiria

Papa Sushiria Game Review Carpe Diem OUR Way

Cooking is Fun in Papa”™s Sushiria


Mattias, my 5 year old is a game whiz. While he plays plenty of superhero games, and lot of fighting games, he surprises me with some of his picks! He loves learning games. And if we can give them some life skills in between the light sabres, battles and capes, even virtual ones, even better. Papa”™s Sushiria is a brand-new restaurant management game that puts players in the position of cashier, chef, and waiter. Every job in the game is fun, and each task can go a long way in establishing solid values. This was a new game he got to play over Christmas Break and

Papa”™s Sushiria promotes creativity while challenging players. At the very beginning, gamers can choose a pre-made character or create their own. The character design screen is extremely thorough. There are more than 100 hairdos, dozens of hair colors, and countless facial features from which to choose. In Papa”™s Sushiria, you might spend a half-hour having fun just trying different looks!

On the first day of work, we learn how to perform each duty in the restaurant. The order station is where customers will describe what meal they want. Each person has a unique appearance and palate. Every sushi roll in Papa”™s Sushiria is made to order, meaning repetition in this game is nonexistent. It”™s interesting to see what types of toppings each customer wants on their roll!

Papa Sushira Game Carpe Diem OUR Way

The cook station comes next. There, we pour white or brown rice into the rice cooker. Chefs must pay attention to add sushi vinegar and turn off the cooker at the right moments. After spreading the rice onto nori paper, we can move to the build station. And that”™s where things get even more interesting.

The build station is a practically endless venture. There are more than 140 fillings, toppings, and sauces in Papa”™s Sushiria. Since each customer orders a custom sushi roll, you might never craft the same meal twice. Spreading carrots isn”™t the same as spreading tuna. If you don”™t cover the rice evenly, the customer will notice. Conversely, if you do a great job, you”™ll earn a big tip.

Even after the sushi roll is completed, we”™re still not done. The last step of meal prep is making bubble tea. With speedy reflexes and the right ingredients, we”™ll have the perfect beverage to complement the sushi.

Papa Sushira Restaurant Carpe Diem OUR Way

There”™s also plenty of stuff to do outside of Papa Louie”™s restaurant. After each day of work, Foodini will offer the chance to play a mini-game. These non-restaurant activities include pipe puzzles, racing, and baseball. Players can win prizes and add valuable stickers to their collection.

While we”™re talking about collectibles, the cookbook and customer database are great ways to learn more about the game. The cookbook is filled with every ingredient and recipe in Papa”™s Sushiria. New items will be added as you unlock them through everyday work. The customer database is where we can read about each person who visits Papa”™s Sushiria. Everyone has unique attributes based on when they visit and what food they like. No two customers are the same!

Next time you are travelling with your kids and looking for something new, Papa”™s Sushiria teaches through fun gameplay. It”™s a fantastic restaurant game that has many additional aspects other titles lack. Make food, serve customers, and explore the foodie world in Papa”™s Sushiria!

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