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Boredom Busters: Dressing Like a Princess

Dressing Like a Princess

Here is one of our suggestions for “Boredom Busters” while traveling. I am constantly looking for new ways to entertain my kids on long flights, car trips and airport layovers. I have come across this great game from Poki to help entertain kids while traveling!

Poki Princess Dress Up

Beautiful princesses are often at the heart of fairy tales and folklore. Their incandescent smiles, gorgeous gowns, and mesmerizing jewelry are worthy of our most fantastic dreams. Luckily, it doesn’t take magic to make-believe you’re a royal heiress.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of dress-up games on the Internet. These simple, relaxing titles let young girls and boys become fashion designers. Transforming a regular lady into a stunning beauty is one of the most enticing elements to me. Other gamers are more intrigued by the prospect of dressing up their favorite character. After all, there is no shortage of Frozen, Monster High, and Barbie dress-up games.

Today, we’re taking a close look at Princess Fashion Dress Up. Just as the name implies, it lets you explore the amazing wardrobe of a king and queen’s daughter.

With more and more airport lounges and airplanes offering wi-fi there are so many more options to keep children entertained while traveling. It is tough to keep them relatively still for such a long time, so having new ideas is always on the top of my list when we plan our next trip

Poki Game Review Princess Dress Up

From the title screen, we are inspired by an auburn-haired beauty. The princess is wearing a glimmering golden dress, and her makeup is nothing short of amazing. Is this look easy to attain, or does it take a lot of work?

When this game actually begins, we enter the pretty girl’s bedroom. She isn’t wearing the dress we just saw (it’s our job to decide what she wears), and her hair is in a ponytail. The left side of the screen acts as a selection guide, displaying all of our available choices. We begin by choosing a hairstyle. Princess Fashion Dress Up has a plethora of hairdos, from wavy, shoulder-length locks to a straight-haired, blonde bun. After picking a hairstyle, we can change her hair color to any of a dozen different hues. This gives us 120 potential looks!

Our freedom to design continues with headdresses, earrings, and jewelry. Here, we can choose from 20 options—again, not including color variations. With 36 color choices for each item, we can combine necklaces and headdresses in thousands of different ways. Exploring every single combination would be a practically endless process. But, we don’t need to do that. The color choices allow us to customize each item so that it complements the ensemble. Princess Fashion Dress Up isn’t about creating countless mismatched outfits; rather, it lets us design as many (or as few) truly chic, royal looks as we wish.

The fashion-forward fun continues with our choice of capes, handbags, and flowers. There is only one shoe design—glimmering slippers—but we can try them on in 36 different colors. As for the dresses, there are 10 totally unique designs. We have as many color choices as before, making for a total of 360 different dresses. At any point during the design process, we can go back and adjust other items as necessary. After customizing an enchanting ball gown, I was inclined to replace my red rose with a magic wand. Then, it was time to pose on the castle balcony.

A pink dragon smiled at my glorious design. My Niece was quick to take over this Poki Game and even saved a picture of my fashionable work. I highly recommend you add this game to your list of Boredom Busters on your next holiday, vacation or even rainy day!

Have you tried any of Poki’s games? Which are your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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Photo Credits: Girl with iPad by Brad Flickinger

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