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Boredom Busters: Join the Summer Olympic Games

Boredom Busters: Join the Summer Olympics

Join the Summer Olympic Games


Does your family enjoy watching the Olympics on television? My husband and I, like many Canadians, are at home in Vancouver and have been following the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, we”™re trying to get our children involved. They enjoy cheering “Go Canada Go” but other than that, sitting on the couch for hours isn”™t exactly what we have in mind. Instead of passively watching soccer matches and swimming or gymnastics events, or even lesser-known sports (e.g. fencing, rowing or beach volleyball), we came up with a better idea: let”™s have our own Olympic adventures and he can enjoy a game which still cheering for Canada!

Olly”™s Medal Run is a free game from Poki. It has fun action, challenging mini-games, and cute costumes. There are also a few different leaderboards to keep track of your highest scores. Best of all, the controls are very easy to grasp””our youngest learned how to play in just a few seconds!

According to Poki, Olly”™s Medal Run is an “endless runner,” which is a type of arcade game. I had never played this type of game before, but my husband and our oldest son were very familiar with the genre. In an endless runner game, your character never stops moving. He or she keeps running through randomly generated levels, which makes every round different than the last. It”™s a really fun way to play, because you never get bored!

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One of my favorite parts about Olly”™s Medal Run is the character selection screen. Olly can be a boy or girl dressed in hilarious costumes. There”™s a humongous maraca, ice cream sundae, and cute animal outfit. Plus, you can choose which country”™s team you want to join. There are two dozen nations, each of which has uniquely colored outfits to match their flag. If you play for Brazil, Olly”™s costumes will be green, blue, and yellow. If you choose Canada, the costumes will be red and white. Through our travels, Mattias is familiar with other countries and their flags and was excited to change them up and try and name the countries. … While he picked Canada in the end, he was able to recognize the United Kingdom, the United States and a few other of the country”™s flags!

The individual mini-games in Olly”™s Medal Run include swimming, soccer, boxing, and hurdling. Each mini-game uses the same controls: press any button(s) on your keyboard to perform a special move. When swimming, you will flap Olly”™s arms to stay afloat and glide across the water quickly. If you don”™t move fast enough, you”™ll sink to the bottom of the pool. During the soccer round, you must kick balls out of the way. The soccer balls appear randomly, so you have to react fast and at the right time! As big soccer fanatics in this house, Mattias and Markus both loved the soccer game! In the boxing mini-game, you must punch a training machine before it hits you. The hurdling round is self-explanatory. Hurdling is definitely the most challenging sport, because you need nearly perfect timing to leap over every obstacle!

At the end of the game, you can see how your team”™s score compares to all of the others. All of the coins you earn during the game adds to your country”™s permanent record. So, every time you play actually counts! You can also set a personal best score, which is always fun to try and beat. We love taking turns during commercial breaks or when our team is not playing on TV. Olly”™s Medal Run is a great way to appreciate the Summer Olympics!

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