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Boredom Busters: Lego Batman

Boredom Busters for your next trip: new games for kids featuring LEGO BATMAN

LEGO Batman: Bringing the Movie to Life


At 5 years old, Mattias is a lego junkie. I do not want to even think about how much money I have spent at the lego store. He has seen The LEGO Movie more times than I can count, and plays the XBOX game often! Well, Mattias is in luck, more Lego entertainment is on the way! With The LEGO Batman Movie receiving near-perfect reviews across the board it is something that all of the kids are talking about Mattias is already the proud owner of the Batcave Break In Lego set, and was excited when I downloaded some new games for our long haul flight this weekend. (Yes they were supposed to be a surprise on the plane, but you know kids and technology, it takes them mere minutes to figure out that there is something new on my phone!)


Alfred’s Bat-Snaps
This is the first mini-game in the bunch, and for good reason. There are no weapons in Alfred’s Bat-Snaps. Instead, players will take photos of Batman and Robin across Gotham City. The iconic duo are busy fighting crime, and they don’t have time to pose for pictures. Gamers young and old will have a blast trying to snap pics of the heroes. But, be warned: danger lurks in Gotham. If you take a picture of Harley Quinn or the Riddler, your photo album will be ruined!

Fruit Bat Smoothie
The kid-friendly fun continues in Fruit Bat Smoothie. This game is heavily based on Fruit Ninja and Fruit Slice, two of the most popular mobile games ever made. In this LEGO mini-game, players will throw Batarangs at all types of healthy food. There are green and red apples, cherries, and bananas in the kitchen. All of those are great ingredients. The Joker’s bombs, however, aren’t so good. Slice time bonuses and Batarang power-ups without hitting bombs to win the game!

Dolphin Rider
This is a really fun, simple arcade game for kids. In Dolphin Rider, Bruce Wayne is surfing a colossal wave. Players must keep gliding to the right to avoid wiping out. As time passes, green and purple rings will float on the surface of the water. Green rings are worth major points, and purple ones are not. Dodge all of the Joker’s purple rings to keep surfing the waves. Falling off of your dolphin can be a bit frustrating, but Batman never gives up!

Stop Joker’s Escape
This quick game is the balloon-popper of the LEGO realm. In Stop Joker’s Escape, players will throw Batarangs to score. If you pop every single balloon, the Joker will fall back to Gotham City. There, Batman can put the Joker where he belongs: in jail. The concept is simple, but hitting every balloon is quite difficult. Even after playing for 5-10 minutes, I had nowhere near perfect accuracy. Since each round lasts only about 10 seconds, trying again is very easy to do.

Lobster Thermidor Cook-Off
Our list of mini-games ends with more kitchen entertainment. Lobster Thermidor Cook-Off dares players to operate nine ovens at the same time. Each one has a small timer with red and green zones. Set each timer in the green zone, and the lobsters will be cooked to perfection. At the beginning, only a couple of microwaves will have power. After gaining some experience, all of them will work at once. Don’t mess up Bruce Wayne’s favorite meal!




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ENTERTAINING KIDS on your next flight! New games for your phone and more

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