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Choosing a Family Friendly Hotel


Christi shares her tips on choosing a family friendly hotel!

We are a family that loves to travel, and maximize our stay wherever we are. I am always searching for new family-friendly hotels to stay in, no matter where we go.  I have stayed in boutique hotels in France and tiny-hotels in Seattle, the spookiest in British Columbia, the historic in London, and finally the more luxurious in Vegas.  All have something to offer, but for me, when travelling as a family, there are 5 things I look for when searching for a place to hang my hat for a few days.

5 things to look for when choosing a family friendly hotel



When we have all 5 of us (two adults, two teenage girls and our five year old), it can be a big challenge booking a room.  We need space, and lots of it.  A suite always comes in handy, which often boasts 2 queen beds and a futon or sofa pull out.  It accommodates our needs, a bit more space, and a bed for all of us. We try and book a one-bedroom suite, gaining an extra TV (think teens and toddlers).  We also love this set up even when we don’t have all 5 travelling, as it gives the kids a chance to go to bed, and the adults to sit in the living room.  Or after a long day, possibly vice versa. It is a nice change from having to whisper or sit in the bathroom chatting whilst sitting on the edge of the tub over a glass of wine.



I have often been accused of over packing when it comes to snacks, drinks and other goodies. Ironically there is often none left!  Whether we are going for one night or two, I always pack snacks, drinks, and possibly a pre-cooked dinner, depending on our situation.  It always comes in handy if you have left overs from a dinner you have eaten out at say the Cheesecake Factory and just may want to have said cheesecake for breakfast (I am never one to judge)!

We loved that Great Wolf Lodge had a fridge on our weekend visit!

the Kids pool at the Movenpick in Sharm el Sheikh!

Head to the POOL

We always choose a hotel with a pool when travelling as a family.  Our 5 year old loves to swim, and it has been a bit of a godsend boosting her confidence in the pool.  We often do a swim when we get there, another one at night, and another in the morning. Did I mention she is a bit of a fish? We definitely make use of a pool. Just be aware of the hotels with outdoor seasonal pools, you may just encounter offseason and it could be closed on you! So pack your water wings and dive in!

Breakfast at Movenpick Sharm was full of choices! Want more info on Egypt, click here


Who doesn’t love to eat, and for free?  We love the Hilton brand of hotels (Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites for example).  They offer an amazing breakfast in the morning, with generous options.  Why we love it?  There is something for everyone. Everyone can wander down at their own pace (again, think teens and toddlers, different time zones) and take advantage of a breakfast that would normally cost you out of pocket.  There are plenty of free breakfast options with many different hotels.  Sometimes these are un advertised, and when booking a hotel, I always call direct, ask for their best rates and if there is a breakfast included, or if they can include one. You don’t ask, you don’t get. 

Depending on where you travel, some regions (like Jordan for example) typically offer breakfast, but it is something we always take into account when booking!

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Yes, this is on my list.  I have been stung before with $30 per night parking, which I can never understand.  I always ask if the hotel offers free parking.  You have to be careful with this, as many hotels in major destination cities do charge you (think NEW YORK and LONDON).  Staying a few nights adds up very quickly, and could eat into your vacation budget if you have one.  Try and negotiate parking, or find a hotel that offers it for free.


Whilst some of these points may seem trivial, these are the same things I look for time after time.  I would prefer to save myself close to $200 on breakfast and parking over the course of a few days, in order to fund my shoe and cheesecake addiction.

Ready to Book?

Head on over to first! We always check out their site as a basis for our search!

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Five Hotel Musts - For Family Travel

Christi Manson is a full time professional and married Mom to a spunky 5 year old daughter. Christi lives in the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada with her family, and spends time day dreaming and planning the next getaway adventure!
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