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Essentials for Staying in Touch Whilst Travelling

Stay Connected Whilst Travelling

Essentials for Staying in Touch Whilst Travelling


Travelling ”“ whether on your gap year, or sabbatical, or even just an extended holiday ”“ is a rite of passage that everyone takes. Visiting new countries, taking in different cultures and seeing amazing sights is considered an experience that can open your mind and enrich your life.

However, don”™t forget that at home there are people who”™ll want to hear about your adventures and make sure you”™re safe. So, how can you stay connected with them whilst you”™re on your travels?

Find the Hotspots

Many countries don”™t have easily-accessible internet and you may struggle to find places with WiFi connection when you”™re visiting countries like the Philippines or India. Others, like Jordan, have 3G or 4G almost everywhere.

As the internet is vital for accessing some of the most common ways to stay connected with your loved ones, you may want to use a WiFi Finder app – this uses your phone”™s GPS to direct you to the nearest WiFi hotspots. Some even have the function to download the database, so you can access it even if you”™re offline.

Useful Apps to Download

Apps are a useful way to help you stay in touch whilst you”™re travelling as you may not have any phone signal, or you may not be able to access websites like Facebook or Twitter, which are banned in certain countries.

Here are some of our favourite apps that will help you stay connected whilst you”™re on your travels:

  • Tasker ”“ This can automatically trigger different actions based on factors. For example, it could send an SMS home to your family once you”™ve reached the radius of a certain location. That way, they”™ll have peace of mind that you”™ve arrived at your destination safely and you won”™t have to remember to message them each time.
  • Telegram ”“ This allows you to set up a group chat with up to 200 contacts, so you can send messages and pictures to your closet friends, without having to broadcast them on social media.


Sending Home Gifts and Souvenirs

If you want a break from using technology to stay connected, surprise your loved ones by sending a gift home using an international courier, such as Whistl Not only is it a more charming way to stay in touch, using an affordable delivery service to send packages home will save you from carrying them around for the rest of your travels. Plus, it”™s perfect if you”™ve bought something that”™s awkward for you to take along with you – posting it home will make sure it”™s kept safe.

Indulge in your wanderlust when travelling the world ”“ but don”™t forget about your loved ones back at home. Stay in touch with your friends and family by using our top tips to stay connected, so you can easily share your adventures with them or let them know you”™re safe.

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Essentials to Stay Connected Whilst Travelling

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