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Exploring Europe: Off to Greece & Turkey

Have you visited Europe?

It is a part of the world with hundreds of fascinating cities to explore! It is almost impossible to choose where to go! Last year we road tripped around France and visited Paris, the Vaucluse en Provence region and then spent some time in Switzerland before going to Strasbourg and then Disneyland Paris! I also spent 10 days in Ireland for a travel conference before experiencing adventures in County Mayo. If you want to do something unique to the region. Try Coasteering!

Check out the video I made below? Does it make you want to go to Ireland? We had so many adventures like this in County Mayo?



As you read this post, we are off to the airport for our summer travels to Europe!


I posted on my Facebook page today about how you get inspiration for your travels!

For me, it is one simple photo that will inspire me to visit a new place. Strasbourg was that place in France! It  is a city built against a river and its history and cathedral are hundreds of years old. As a Canadian, we rarely have buildings built before 1900 (unless you visit Montreal and Quebec City and those are about 4000 km away from my home in Vancouver!) and it fascinates me to see and photograph the history of architecture.

Does this photo make you want to go to Strasbourg? What inspires your wanderlust?



This week we will dive back into ancient history as we travel to Greece and then to Turkey. 


I am excited to shop for the best Greek souvenirs.


Here are 10 reasons why you should visit Turkey (despite unrest)

If you have been following along for a while, you will know that we recently visited Egypt and Jordan and I have quite a few posts about safety in those countries as well as exploring the ancient history!


Athens will be our fist stop, where we have a few days to explore the Acropolis and the neighbourhood of Plaka before flying to Santorini. It was 35 Euros for our fare, one of the cheapest flights I have ever been on, and I expect to get what I pay for. But for one hour, and the ever-growing Ultra Low Cost Carrier model, I expect more and more of these flights in our future!

I cannot wait to photograph the whitewashed buildings on the cliffs of Santorini, and I do not really care if I will be sharing rooftops and sidewalks with hundreds of other onlookers. We all share a passion for travel and adventure and are all there for the same moment! While yes, I would prefer to have that moment to myself, I will contend with the thousands, who also want a glimpse and to capture what makes Santorini so famous.

From there we will take a ferry somewhere … I do not know where … Probably Naxos, Delos, Paros or Rhodes and plan to end up in Turkey. We have 10 days with no itinerary, and I like it that way. If there is somewhere I love, I hate having to leave because we already have the next place booked. If the kids are tired and want a day to do nothing, then it is ok to do nothing, as we do not need to rush on. Something I have learned about traveling with kids is to have flexibility, and downtime. A whirlwind week long tour is nice, but so is a day or two to relax.

When we get to Turkey I want to see the ruins of Ephesus and the bazaar in Istanbul. I hope to marvel at Aya Sofia and the East meets West of a country straddled on two continents. My camera memory will surely be full with the colors of the jewel blue waters and the vibrant reds and purples in the markets.

I hope you follow along! I would love for you to tell me what inspires your wanderlust? Magazines, Social Media, Stories from others?

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sharing updates as we go and I plan to journal a few blog posts along the way!

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