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Finding the Perfect Vacation Home Rental for Your Family Trip

Finding a place that meets Mark’s desired proximity to the beach, Rachel’s need for a pool, and your spouse’s wish for a hot tub can be painful. However, finding the perfect vacation rental doesn’t have to be a difficult task if you go about it the right way. 


The following are tips to help you find a vacation rental that suits the personal desires of every one of your family members. Doing so enables everyone to relax, unwind, and enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful place.

1. Location, location, location.


A tropical beach vacation is less dreamy if the place you are staying in is actually an hour’s drive from the shore, just like a hiking trip is not so fun if you are planted in the middle of the city. Think about the vacation you are hoping for. Do you want lake time? Beach time? Are a pool and tropical weather enough? Be prepared with these answers before you go too far in your search.

2. Identify ideal amenities


Looking for a private pool? A hot tub? A big grill alongside outdoor kitchen cabinets and countertops? Create a list of ideal amenities with the people you plan to take with you on this trip and make sure that each place you consider has these amenities.

3. Golf cart included?


In case you don’t want to Uber or walk your way around your vacation, it’s important to look and see if the place you are staying includes a transportation option. Some rentals come with a golf cart or something like that enables easy travel from one place to the next(like from the pool to the beach, for example.)

The Pacific Sands Tofino Beach Accommodation

The Pacific Sands Tofino Beach Accommodation

4. Airbnb or Resort?


Oof is this a debate for the times! Timeshares and condos are going out of vogue with the rise of Airbnb in recent years, which allows homeowners to rent their properties out to vacationers like you through a verified website. Despite the rise of the trend to rent-a-home, there are still a good number of travelers who prefer to spend their vacation days in all-inclusive resorts. 


This kind of resort has its advantages. For one, they’re typically all-inclusive. You know what you are going to be paying for the week, there are no surprises and everyone gets whatever they want (and as much of it as they want). However, you are limited. You only have access to what is available on the campus of these resorts and often leaving the resort grounds to experience the “real” place you are in is a bit of a hassle. 


With Airbnb’s on the other hand, you do the grocery shopping, the cooking, and the bartending (if that’s what you are into.) That said, many Airbnbs hosts offer chefs at an additional cost.

5. Do your own research


Yelp, TripAdvisor, and the “reviews” or “testimonies” section available on most vacation rental sites will provide you with all the information you need. Through reviews, you can learn things about a property that the property owners didn’t want to or neglected to list on the listing website. Find out if the jacuzzi in the photos actually works, or if the house is in fact “steps from the shore” through honest, unbiased customer reviews.

The family vacation of your dreams can be easy to plan


Slide into your family vacation confident that all family members will enjoy the choices you have made. Following the tips on this list is certain to bring you and your loved ones delight they will remember for a lifetime. If you want my pick on where you should take your family, check out the Turks and Caicos!


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