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Hawaiian Foods you Must Try in Hawaii

Hawaiian Foods You Must Try in Hawaii

Whether it is your first time to Hawaii, or you are an annual visitor, there are few other places in the world where you can feel welcomed and at home wherever you go. When visiting with locals, bring your appetite, because they love to feed their guests!

We are fortunate enough to be hosted by my uncle and aunt for most of our stay in a typical Hawaiian home in Punaluu. My Uncle is of Hawaiian origin, and he is always very welcoming and very happy to cook us a meal! After spending plenty of time with them, I have come up with the best Hawaiian foods to try in Hawaii.

Surfboards for Rent on Waikiki Beach - A Great Picnic Spot

Surfboards for Rent on Waikiki Beach – A Great Picnic Spot

Because of its position in the Pacific Ocean, the cuisine you will find in Hawaii is a fusion of culinary influences that come from traditional Hawaiian dishes, as well as Asian and North American cuisine. You will find American, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Polynesian, and Portuguese influences.

Did you know that Poke, which consists of diced chunks of raw fish and other ingredients, originated in Hawaii. You can read more interesting facts about Hawaii after you are done wetting your appetite with these Hawaiian foods!

Eating in Hawaii can get expensive, if you are on a budget, check out how to see Hawaii on a budget.

And no, don’t expect to find Ham and Pineapple Pizza in abundance or Pineapple fields all over the islands. Hawaii actually grows very few pineapples today. For your time on this Big Island, check out this 4 day itinerary. 

Here are some Hawaiian foods you must try in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Foods to Try

Shoyu Poke courtesy of Gregg Tavares
Shave Ice (not Shaved Ice) courtesy of Michael Saechang

Shave Ice (not Shaved Ice) courtesy of Michael Saechang
Pineapple Ice Cream from Dole courtesy of Jun Seita

Pineapple Ice Cream from Dole courtesy of Jun Seita

Hawaiians eat a lot of SPAM Courtesy of Mike Mozart

Hawaiians eat a lot of SPAM Courtesy of Mike Mozart
Hawaiian Food you must Try in Hawaii

Poi (Taro) Like a Pudding Texture
Poke Courtesy of Anokarina

Poke Courtesy of Anokarina
Kalua Pig

Kalua Pig

Locally Grown Papaya
Mochi Ice Cream Courtesy of _e.t

Mochi Ice Cream Courtesy of _e.t
Hawaiian Juices (be careful, they are full of sugar, but the kids love them)

Hawaiian Juices (be careful, they are full of sugar, but the kids love them)
Sweet Bread Couresy of Joel Penner

Sweet Bread Couresy of Joel Penner
Japanese Taro Bread

Japanese Taro Bread

Have you tried any of these? What were your favorites? After you have finished snacking, consider picking up some of the best Hawaiian souvenirs!

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Have you ever traveled to Hawaii? What was your favorite typical Hawaiian dish! let me know in the comments!

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Hawaiian Food to try in Hawaii

10 foods you must try in Hawaii

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  1. Matt says:

    A great list!

  2. Monika says:

    It seems that you ate lots of ice-cream – they look delicious and I guess I would go for ice-cream as well, especially those pinapple ones 🙂

  3. Megan says:

    I’m saving this for a trip I have coming up to Maui. Love Dole Whip from a trip before. Want to try a few of these at least.

  4. Didnt make toHawaii yet. And admit that apart from the fruits I don’t know much about Hawaiian food.
    The Kalua pig looks delicious! And usually those canned juices are full of sugar all around the world!

  5. I spent two months in Hawaii and have to confess I didn’t try any of these foods … er, except Spam. I’ve definitely tried that. Okay, and papaya. But definitely not taro bread. Yum.

  6. Carmen says:

    That Shave Ice and pineapple ice cream both look so refreshing!

  7. Jackie says:

    That shave ice and the papaya look like something I’d be eating a lot of for sure! So interesting about Spam. Why is it so beloved in Hawaii?

  8. Christopher says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii, some of those desserts look delicious.

  9. How lucky that you have an uncle there already to go and stay with 🙂 Can’t believe they eat all that spam though >< Want to like it and all being a British lady but urgh. No thank you haha.

  10. Kathrin says:

    Delicious! Never been to Hawaii but I’ll make sure to eat some of the things you mentioned when I have the chance to visit 🙂

  11. Hugo says:

    I’ve never tried any of these. Curious to find out how the Portuguese influenced some Hawaiian food. We (Portuguese) seem to be everywhere!

  12. I’m so sure I want to try them all! Thankk you for sharing

  13. Rosemary says:

    Never had the food from Hawaii, so I’m definitively intrigued. The poke looks great and the mochi ice cream is my fav. Haven’t been to Hawaii in ages, this makes me want to go back again and visit soon 🙂

  14. noel says:

    All my favorite foods from the Big Island, but you missed those yummy malasadas too, the best in Na-alehu at Punalu’u bakery where your uncle lives.

  15. Tom Kowal says:

    All tasty, especially the Kalua pig!

  16. Theresa says:

    Great list! Love shave ice, I commented on your facebook page about a recommendation on Maui. 🙂

  17. I love Hawaiian food. Fresh fruit everywhere. Poke, shave ice, malasadas. Mmmmmmm.

  18. Lisa P says:

    No one does Shave Ice like Hawaii!!! The kids loved it!