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How to Love London on a Budget

How to Love London on a Budget

Travelling to London can be quite overwhelming, especially if the richness and the luxury of the city intimidate you from the get-go. Not everyone goes to London with the itinerary of dining at The Ritz or spending an afternoon at Teanamu Chaya Teahouse. For budget-conscious travellers particularly those who are travelling with young children,enjoying the city and all its wonders can sometimes involve two things: wise decision making and perfect timing.

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London on a Budget with Kids
Read Between the Lines of Promo Flights

Budget flights are in these days. Just like how local travellers pre-book their airport parking in advance, they also scour the web for cheap flights and book on a whim. But behind the eye-catching promos are hidden charges that bump up the cost of a supposed inexpensive tickets. Parking4Less, a price comparison website from the UK, has a blog section that breaks down all of these hidden fees. In the post entitled, “Beware of Cheap Flight Extra Costs,” the site lists the top three: as card fees, price quotations before tax, and carry-on luggage fees. Additionally, some of these so-called budget airlines also implement infant charges for lap-held infants. Basically, it’s important to read the fine print and eliminate things you don’t need during the flight before booking a ticket to or from London (or any city for that matter!).

Consider flying into Gatwick airport when possible as Heathrow has much higher airport fees, built into the price of your ticket!


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Take Advantage of London’s Excellent Public Transportation Systems and Walkable Neighbourhoods

One good thing about travelling to London is that you don’t have to worry about renting a car and finding parking spaces when you arrive. Grab an Oyster Card and take the train into the city from Heathrow or Gatwick Airports. London is known to have efficient public transportation systems, so you can easily tour without breaking the bank. You can pick and choose which sights you would like to see and make your own itinerary! In addition, central London is an ideal area for walking and even bicycling so you can get a firsthand look at all its famous sights. Bring a stroller in case your kids legs get tired from walking!

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I am not going to lie, sometimes I wish I had a rental car for a few trips while in the City. If a rental car is in your budget, or you plan to explore outside the city, check out these London Car Rentals starting at $26 per day.

London on A Budget with Kids

Make the Most of Cheap and/or Free Spectacles

Contrary to what others think, London has a range of attractions that doesn’t require you to spend a penny. For one, there’s the daily Changing the Guard ceremony outside Buckingham Palace that your children will remember forever.

Furthermore, you can visit museums and art galleries such as Tate Modern, National Gallery, and British Museum to help broaden their horizons. On the other hand, if you feel like watching a West End show, it’s important to book tickets in advance. An insider tip by Visit London, states that once you have an inkling of what show you want to watch, line up at the theatre for stand-by and return tickets to save money.

There are many free parks in London as well to take advantage of while on vacation in the city. Illustrious centres like Hyde Park, Regent’s Park and Hampstead Heath are all visited by millions each year and are the perfect places to have picnics in the summer. Don’t miss a photo op in the iconic Red Telephone Booths!

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London on a Budget with Kids

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Salina Bujosa

Thursday 15th of December 2016

Exactly! I feel that the reason why a lot of people hesitate to travel to places like London is because of how expensive it could be to do all of the extra-circular activists aside from the cost of plane tickets and hotel costs as well. These are excellent tips!

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Thursday 3rd of November 2016

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Cristal Dyer

Wednesday 11th of May 2016

Great post and I loved all the tip son cheap and free things to do in London. I've always avoided it because of how expensive it can be to visit.


Monday 9th of May 2016

Great tips, London can be well done on a budget! I took my10 year old nephew there last year and we became experts at the public transport system. Booked a few attractions way before going and used Groupon a bit, which saved me a lot of money.


Monday 9th of May 2016

London is in my bucket list. Thanks for sharing this post. Have pinned it for my reference!