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Jobs You Can Do While Traveling

If you’re not much of an in-the-office type of employee, why not set your sights on a career that you can do while traveling? While I spent years working a regular 9-5, I was able to transform my life into one that is mobile, whether I am in Santorini or Iceland. Unbelievably, there are many, and some can provide an extensive list of perks. 


A Consultant


Do you know what a consultant does?  He/she gives advice to businesses about improving their bottom line. As a consultant, you use your expertise to figure out where the company needs work. This can include profitability, management, or an overhaul of the entire operation. When you work with large corporations, this often requires you to travel across the states or to many countries around the world. The job is very stressful at times and you will need to have consultant insurance to protect yourself from a liability lawsuit. However, the benefits that come with the job may include tons of accumulated airline miles which translates into free trips in the future. You’ll also have a provided budget for each trip that’s generally inflated by 15 to 20 percent, and your meals and hotel paid in full. So, you have extra money to pick up souvenirs with no out of pocket expense. 

Photo COurest of Air Canada

Flight Attendant


Being a flight attendant is the dream job for many young people who want to see the world and love working with people. The salary can vary depending on experience and the airline you work for, and the shifts when you first start are not desirable. Still, all in all, once you get past the first couple of years, you’ll travel to places around the world and get paid to do it. In many cases, you may even stay the night and have a few hours to sightsee. Plus, when you work for an airline you get discounts on flights so if someone in your family lives in another country it becomes affordable. 


Marine Biologist


As a marine biologist working in the field, you can travel to remote places to study marine organisms, plants, microbes, and animals. When a crisis arises, such as an oil spill into the ocean, it’s the marine biologist who answers questions concerning aquatic life and how to protect and preserve it. 


Cruise Ships / Yachts


Working on a cruise ship or for someone who owns a private yacht can take you places you otherwise may not see. You’ll have free room and board, all your meals provided and ride along the big beautiful ocean. You can be a personal chef, a massage therapist, a server, or a housekeeper. While the pay may not be exciting, the perks that come along with the job are well worth it. 

A tour guide can make your vacation so memorable. The best tour guides are very sought after and English tour guides are in high demand. Our Tour Guide in Jordan was one of the best parts of our experience!


International Tour Guide


If you have a passion for seeing the world and experiencing other cultures, becoming an international tour guide may just fit the bill. Tour guides are always in demand, especially in hot spots around the world. How do Paris, Germany, and Ireland sound?  


Freelance Writer


As a freelance writer, you can literally work from anywhere that provides access to the internet. You will, of course, have to fund your own livelihood. However, you can pick where you want to be and when you want to be there. If you find that a place suits you and you simply want to stay a bit longer, you can.  


Peace Corps.


The salary isn’t great but the mission is life-changing for Americans who are interested in joining the Peace Corps. You get to travel to remote parts of the world and help make the lives of many people better. You’ll have free room and board and experience different cultures. 


If your dream is to see the world, there are many jobs that pay you to travel to various locations across the states and around the world. 


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