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Why Every Woman needs a Johansen Gracie Camera Bag

Jo Totes Gracie Camera Bag Johansen Camera Bag Review Carpe Diem OUR WayWhy Every Woman Needs a Johansen Gracie Camera Bag!


I have had my eye on the Johansen Gracie Camera Bag (their brand is more commonly known as Jo Totes) for awhile and it was their video in Cinque Terre on Facebook that really sold me on their product. Because I am a photographer, a traveler and a mom, I really wanted something that was versatile to fit my lifestyle. I was stoked to be able to check out the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00EY7VJVY” locale=”US” tag=”cadiouwa-20″]Gracie[/easyazon_link] and love just about everything about this bag!

Johansen Gracie Camera Bag’s Multiuse Features:

A Photographers Bag

A Photographers Bag
A Photographers Bag:

Jo Totes Gracie is a photographer’s bag. Whether on location, be it weddings, outdoor photography, or just taking your gear from point A to B, the Gracie gives photographers a stylish way to safely carry their gear. It has 5 removable padded inserts making room for a camera body or two, and a few lenses. I love that you can easily move them around and size them deepening on the gear you are carrying that day. We have all seen the black backpack style camera bags, which may work for some, but definitely don”™t appeal to those who dress with style in mind. These backpack style bags often do not leave much room to carry anything else you might need for your shoot and the one I happen to own, does not have room for everything I need. The outside magnetic pockets of the Gracie are ideal for extra memory cards, lip-gloss, a cell phone and some business cards when working a wedding, and there is still room for a sweater or scarf in the main part of the bag.

If you are looking for a new camera for your kids, grab yourself the best kids action camera and toss it in the bag as well.

Johansen Jo Totes Camera Bag room for snacks

A Carry-On Bag
A Carry On Bag:

But the Gracie is not just a camera bag. It instantly became my carry-on, for our recent trip to San Deigo. It safely held my Canon 7D with the 50mm lens attached and my 17-55 softly nestled beside it. There was still plenty of room for my wallet, snacks and a change of clothes for my kids in the main compartment The outer pockets contained a few small toys, that the boys could easily access with the magnetic snap closures, my ipad, iphone and travel documents safely nestled in the deep outside pockets, easily reachable.

a Mom's bag

a Mom’s bag
A Mom’s Bag

While packing up for the day in San Diego, Jo Totes Gracie became my go to daily bag without even moving the padding for my camera. I was able to slide a water bottle inside, my wallet, a bag of snacks and change of clothes for the kids, and cell phone and we were off for the day! The long cross body strap was perfect when I had my bag and a two year old that wanted to be picked up.

packed up with tons of space left

packed up with tons of space left

Features of the Johansen Gracie Camera Bag


Take your pick! It comes in a wide variety of colors: lilac, teal, mint, marsala, butterscotch, and magenta. There is something for everyone! You can check them all out here

Everyone hates those bags that become the black hole where you cannot find anything. The Jo Totes Gracie, is ideal for every woman whether you are a photographer or carry a DSLR or not! It is full of pockets to stash everything from a lip gloss and few toy cars in the front pockets or business cards while on a shoot, to an ipad in one of the zipper enclosures on the inside. The solid protective base, designed to protect your gear from impact, helps the bag keep a solid shape and you don”™t lose stuff in the bottom. When you open the bag you can clearly see everything you have inside!

My Gracie Bag packed for everyday use

My Gracie Bag packed for everyday use

The Gracie bag comes with a short shoulder strap or a cross body strap. There is a removable shoulder pad to help distribute the weight if you have it loaded with gear for a photo-shoot or a day out with your kids, or everything you need to pack on your carry on for your next flight!

The Gracie bag is priced at US119.99 which is a steal in my opinion! Whether pricing our purses or diaper bags, this one comes in cheaper than most that I am drawn to. And it safely protects my camera gear! What more could a traveling mom want! Keep an eye out for their specials!

After hearing me rave about this bag our whole trip one of my friends went right out and bought one solely for a diaper bag. She loved the price and it is stylish and has so many pockets that mom”™s need to make sure they have everything for their little ones!

What do you think about the Gracie? Do you need to add it to your bag collection? Do you have your eye on another style? I am already eyeing up the Siena Leather Bag!

You can view the whole Jo Totes Collection Here

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Johansen Camera Bags - Jo Totes Gracie in Mint Review

Editor’s Disclosure: I received this bag compliments of Johansen Camera Bags. However, all opinions are my own and i cannot say enough good things about this bag!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Ooh! I like the organization it offers to keep everything safe! I need a good handbag that has room for all of my camera gear.

  2. Gessell says:

    Love it! I might just have to pick one of these up. Normally I carry the baby gear and my husband carries the electronics. It would be great to combine it all.

  3. I’ve been looking for a camera bag for awhile now, and it always seemed so difficult to find a stylish one that didn’t look like an obvious “camera bag.” This bag is certainly better than anything else I’ve seen out there.

  4. Although I’m a guy, I think I know a thing or two about ladies’ handbags having had to buy some for the women in my life, haha! I think this one is very practical for a DSLR owner, or anyone for that matter. Removable padded inserts, pockets and multiple straps are great features of any handbag, and with plenty of colour options, stylish design and reasonable price, this one is clearly a winner!

  5. I’m always trying to find that ultimate camera bag. Looks like this one has a lot of practical pockets and a lot of room.. but unlike Mags, this isn’t really my color, haha 😉

  6. Mags says:

    I love this. I’ve been looking for a camera bag for a while and this one seems great. I love that it just looks like a purse. The color is great!

  7. Veronika says:

    Hi! I like ohansen Gracie Camera Bag – it’s funny how multi functional it is. I guess no photographer likes to carry around too much stuff, so I really understand you that you try to fit in as many things as possible:) And the price is very reasonable!

  8. MariaAbroad says:

    I just got myself a new camera (yay!) and I feel now I might have an excuse to buy myself a new camera bag. That one seems to fit the bill, because I want it to be big enough to hold all my other stuff as well AND look cute.

  9. Arzo Travels says:

    Since I got a SLR I take when I travel it is a bit tricky to carry small bags with me. I just put it in my bag (sometimes even without covering) and I know I should be more careful .Seems you have found a great way to carry your cam and still like the bag 🙂

  10. Marteen says:

    I love bags and this sounds like my kind of bag. When you said you used it as a carry on, I thought great, just a few small things and your documents and passport. Then you went on to say you were able to fit your camera in with the lens and another fit snuggly beside it and a change of clothes for your children! Looking at the pictures I wouldn’t have thought you could fit so much into it.

  11. Danielle says:

    That really doesn’t look like a camera bag does it? Looks like a very stylish alternative to the bulky, black ones I usually use!

  12. Katie says:

    That’s a nice looking bag! I wouldn’t look at it and immediately think ‘camera bag’, as it looks like a regular purse. I love all of the straps and spaces to store things other than your camera.

  13. Laura says:

    These bags look amazing! I would love to own one.. or two! Any chance they have coupon codes or sales??

  14. Stephanie smith says:

    I need this for a diaper bag! Do you know if they ever offer sales/ coupon codes?

  15. Jessica says:

    I absolutely LOVE this bag! I borrowed one for a recent trip and it is now on my MUST HAVE list. My husband has agreed to buy me one as he saw how functional it was during our trip and how handy it would be in our busy day to day activities with 2 kids! Looking forward to purchasing my own; I’m thinking butterscotch!