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Make Vanuatu Your Home: Citizenship and Residency Visa Options

The pristine islands of Vanuatu are perfect if you want to move to a peaceful country and start your life afresh. This archipelago of 80 islands is a gem hidden in the Pacific. Vanuatu has a stable economy and a responsible government and boasts of some of the most scenic locales you may have ever seen. 

The world is slowly becoming aware of what life in Vanuatu could be and how wonderful it can be to live there. As a result, many are exploring residency and citizenship options in this island nation. Getting a second passport from Vanuatu can open a world of opportunities and help you achieve your dream lifestyle. 

Here are your citizenship and residency visa options in Vanuatu. 

Citizenship Option in Vanuatu

If you want to become a citizen in Vanuatu, then the country provides you with one of the quickest methods. The Citizenship by Investment Program, offered by the government, allows interested investors to make donations to Vanuatu and, in turn, are offered citizenship with full rights and benefits. If done correctly, it will take only a few months to become a citizen here. 

At one time, there were multiple CBI programs in Vanuatu, which made the process somewhat complicated. However, the Vanuatu Development Support Program put everything in order, and with guidance from agencies like Global Residence Index, you can easily apply for citizenship. 

As long as you can show that you can make the one-time, non-refundable contribution and you have no criminal records in your native country, you can send in your application. 

The contribution amounts are: 

  • $130,000 for one person 
  • $150,000 for a married couple
  • $180,000 for a family of four

Or, you can just pay $25,000 for your partner or any child who is under the age of 18. In addition, there is an additional application fee of $5000, which will include all the paperwork. The passport and other certificates will be available for $400. 

While this might not seem very affordable, it is worth it when you look at the world of opportunities that open up to you. You get travel benefits to many other countries in the world, and if you are a business owner, you also get to enjoy a host of tax benefits. 

The banking system here will support you more than your banks back home, and you will also get business aid if you meet the criteria. You do not even have to make the full payment while applying. 

You need to prove your payment capacity and can make your contributions in due course once the process is underway. If all goes smoothly, you can get your passport in the next two to three months. And the Global Residence Index makes sure it does. 

Vanuatu Residency Visa Options

Even if you do not want to become a citizen in Vanuatu or feel you do not have the means to opt for the citizenship program, you can always try the other residency programs the country offers and come to live here. 

Foreign nationals can acquire a Permanent Resident Visa, even if they are not living in the country. You can get the visa by investing $100,000 in the country’s agriculture or real estate sector. If you are retired but have a monthly income of $2500, you are also eligible to apply. 

There are two types of Permanent Resident Visas. 

  • Part A, Subclass 131, is for those with Ni Vanuatu parents or descendants.
  • Part B, Subclass 132-135, is for those interested in investing in Vanuatu. The laws for this visa are quite strict, but agencies like Global Residence Index can help you determine whether you are eligible. 

Permanent Residency Green Card 

The Vanuatu Permanent Residency Green Card is for those who want residency status almost immediately. After all, this card is issued by the Vanuatu government in just one day, and the entire processing time is only five days. Moreover, one does not have to visit Vanuatu to receive the green card. 

However, the candidate must meet some basic eligibility criteria, like being 18 years or older, having an international passport and having no criminal record in their native country. In addition, they need to have assets worth $350,000. 

Other Residency Visas 

There are three other types of residency visa options.

These are short-term visa options, typically granted for one year. The investment amount is also significantly lower, that is, $50,000 to $90,000. 

  • The Self-Funded Visa: Perfect for expats and pensioners who can show they can sustain themselves in Vanuatu. They need to show they have earnings of at least 250,000 Vatu per month individually or 500,000 Vatu per month for families.
  • The Land Owner Visa: This is for those who want to invest in land and should be able to make a minimum investment of $90,000. You can live in the country and then have the option of leasing real estate properties. 
  • The Investor Visa: You are required to invest $50,000 in any project approved by the Vanuatu Investment and Promotion Authority. It will allow you to start and run your business in Vanuatu and is a great option for business owners looking forward to expanding their business. 


The Vanuatu government has made it increasingly easy for foreign nationals to gain citizenship or acquire residency status there. If you want to live your dream life and seek residency or citizenship status, then Global Residence Index can help you. 

You can conduct business operations, ensure a secure family for your future, and enjoy travel benefits, which can be done in a few months. Start your journey today. 

Meta Description: Are you looking for citizenship or residency visas for Vanuatu? Read on to learn about your options and how you can enjoy your dream life there. 

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