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50+ Beautiful and Romantic Maui Instagram Captions

If you are looking for the perfect Maui Instagram captions for your photos, then you are in the right place! Hawaii is the only U.S. State that is located in the tropics and that uniqueness makes Maui, and the other Hawaiian Islands a special place.

Maui and the other Hawaiian Islands have a unique history, and culture full of proverbs and sayings about life. Hawaii is a melting pot of South East Asian, East Asian and North American cultures. This is in addition to its prominent Indigenous Hawaiian Culture.

The Hawaiian Islands have profound spiritual and religious roots, and a deep connection to the ocean, the natural environment and the elements. This means that Maui, and the other islands have plenty of beautiful sayings about life, the ocean, the mountains and the wind.

This post is full of Maui Instagram captions, as well as quotes from Maui Hawaii and a few Hawaiian puns you will probably hear when you visit Maui. When you are planning your trip to Maui, you will have the perfect quotes to caption your memories!

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Maui Instagram Captions.

The Best Maui Instagram Captions and Quotes

Hula is the language of the heart and, therefore, the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people. – King David Kalakaua

Be the Aloha you wish to see in the world.

The hula is the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people. – King David Kalakaua

Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind. – Lilo & Stitch

A good surfer will not get wet – Hawaiian saying

Nature is where it all begins for the Hawaiians. In fact, they call themselves keiki o ka ‘aina, the “children of the land.”

You dont have to live in Hawaii – or even be Hawaiian – to embrace the Aloha spirit. – Mark Ellman

A Stranger only for a day – Hawaiian saying

All power comes from within – Hawaiian proverb

Ho’i Hou Ke Aloha (Let us fall in love all over again)

Hawaii is still the single most frequent fantasy destination, not because of political stability or conveniences, but because Hawaii seduces the imagination. It’s the perfect postcard – no props, no fillers. – Robert Wintner

Coming to Hawaii is like going from black and white to color. – John Richard Stephens

The history of Hawaii may be seen as a story of arrivals. – Susanna Moore

The loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean. – Mark Twain

Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace. – Paul Theroux

No one has family in Hawaii. Everyone is family in Hawaii – Richie Norton

Continue to do good, and heaven will come down to you. – Hawaiian proverb

Every day a million miracles begin at sunrise! – Eric Jerome Dickey

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Romantic Maui Travel Captions for Instagram

Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures. – Lewis Carroll

What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with. – Robert Brault

In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with. – Charles Schulz

Here’s to all the places we went. And here’s to all the places we’ll go. And here’s to me, whispering again and again and again: I love you. – Unknown

It does not matter where you are going, it’s who you have beside you. – Unknown

I’m in love with beaches I have never been to and people I have never met. – Unknown

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream. – CC Lewis

I would like to travel the world with your twice. Once to see the world. Twice to see the way you see the world. – Unknown

Will you give me yourself? Will you come travel with me? Shall we stick by each other as long as we live? – Walt Whitman

Hawaii Travel Resources

I have put together some resources for your trip to Hawaii to help make the planning a little bit easier.

First, have a read of the best souvenirs from Maui.

Should you rent a car in Hawaii?

First you need to decide whether you want to rent a car or not. Personally I prefer to rent a car from the airport and keep it during our stay. It allows the most amount of flexibility and is especially nice if you have young kids.

You can check prices on rental cars here.

What to Pack for Hawaii?

Packing for the beach is usually the easiest type of packing. But I have put together a few essentials that you do not want to forget on your trip to Hawaii. You can also click the link above to see my complete beach packing list post!

Sunscreen and Lip Balm – You can get sunscreen on every corner of Hawaii but it is a lot more expensive than bringing your own. Also if you have a preference on brand or have kids with sensitive skin, you will want to make sure you have the brand you like. Make sure if it is over 100mls that you put it in your checked luggage. Also make sure you pack reef safe sunscreen! If you want a gret lip balm, I suggest this one available at Sephoa. You can also get it on Amazon here.

Flat Toiletries Bag – If you are like me, you have packed your suitcase perfectly, only to realize that your round toiletries bag is not going to fit. With this lay flat toiletries bag, you can easily stand up your suitcase and slide it on top! at only 2 inches wide, it will almost always fit, once your clothing settles. You can also get it on Amazon here.

Beach Blanket – This might sound frivolous, but if you have kids, especially younger ones, this blanket is perfect! It is big, light and folded up with a convenient carry handle. I called it my luxury item in my suitcase as it took up a fair bit of room but we used it every day and it beat those sand mats that you can buy at all of the stores. 

Reusable Shopping Bag – Hawaii is way ahead of the rest of the United States when it comes to recycling. They do not have plastic bags and expect you to be prepared. You can bring your own small nylon bag from home or there are plenty of cute Hawaiian print ones to buy in Hawaii. Need another Hawaiian souvenir idea? This is one!

Baby Powder – One of the popular beach hacks is to pack some baby powder when you go to Hawaii (or any beach destination!). When you have sand all over your feet, apply some baby powder and the sand will quickly come off! Beats getting rubbing blisters from the sand between your toes! You can get convenient travel sized ones here

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