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Night Vision Camera Sionyx Aurora Sport Review

I was given the opportunity to review the Sionyx night vision camera a compare it to a typical action camera and my phone. If you are ever on my Instagram page, my photos are usually colored landscapes, something I enjoy getting out to photograph as we travel!

The Sionyx Aurora Sport model is designed for the outdoor enthusiast who is looking for something rugged, easy to use, easy to hold and offers quick access to photos. But more than that, it is perfect for those who want to capture action after dark, something that no other action camera can do.

I was excited to get my hands on this camera as it is almost impossible to get dusk or evening photos on my phone and I rarely carry around my tripod and DSLR when we are out and about.

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SIOnyx Aurora Sport Features:

  • Rugged design
  • Affordable
  • IP67 rating (which means, for those of us who do not test equipment) that it can get wet. It will still work if dropped in a puddle. You can take it out in the rain. You probably should not snorkel with it though)
  • Wifi to your phone to quickly send photos to your phone and share
  • 720p video recording
  • Night vision photos and video
  • cylinder shape makes it easy to hold and can be mounted onto any tripod.
  • quick-change mode with a dial. No fumbling with tiny buttons.

Here are some examples of the Aurora Sport night vision camera in action! It was completely dark at the boardwalk at the beach, look at how the camera’s sensor is able to illuminate the scene. It picks up grass, the ocean, and the buildings in the background. The second photo is from a Safari action camera (similar in style to a GoPro). It picks up the light, but its small sensor does not allow you to pick up the rest of the scene.

The top photo is the SyOnyx Aurora sport. Look at the light of the buildings in the distance compared to the bottom photo, which is my other action camera. My kids loved walking along the pier and seeing in the dark.

Here is a daytime shot. The first photo is with the SiOnyx Aurora Sport and the second is with the Safari Action Camera. The top photo has much more zoom than the traditional wide-angle shots of action cameras.

In this daytime shot, you can see how wide-angle the bottom photo (action cam) is compared to the top photo Aurora sport. This means you do not need to be as close to your subjects. When wildlife viewing, the Aurora sport almost acts like binoculars to be able to see better than the naked eye.

Real Life Situations Using the SiOnyx

Last night we took the Sionyx to the beach. We arrived right at dusk and it quickly got dark. You can see in the videos the difference between the night vision camera and a regular camera.

Check out the buildings in the distance and how you can see the kids for as far as they walk. You can see the ocean on the right and everything in the frame. With the standard action camera, you quickly lose the subjects into the dark and while the camera picks up lights, it does not illuminate the scene at all. It does not have the same sensor that is capable of picking up the low light nighttime scene.

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