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Why Outdoor Holidays are Perfect for Families with Young Children

Why Outdoor Holidays are Perfect for Families with Young Children


Outdoor Holidays for families

The busy summer travel… season is upon us and for those of you out there with young children, this can pose a bit of a dilemma. Firstly, you want to make sure the vacation you choose is something the kids will enjoy, but you also want to know that what you”™re spending your money on is the right option for your family.

Well, the solution is simple ”“ an outdoor holiday. These can not only tick the above boxes, but are something you can be certain will create wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Take a look below to find out more about these holidays and what options you have. We are excited to be heading to France and will be filling you in along the way! We plan to hike in the alps, splash our toes in the Mediterranean and explore the countryside for three weeks! I can’t wait!

What is an ”˜Outdoor Holiday”™?

To make it a little clearer, when we say an ”˜outdoor holiday”™ what we mean is something that offers a number of outdoor activities in such a setting. It doesn”™t necessarily mean you”™ll be sleeping in a tent (although this can be an option and if its up your alley, we have a handing packing list for camping here)… as there are all sorts of resorts and locations with cabins or even furnished apartments, adjacent to great outdoor spaces!

In other words, if you do a little research with providers like Eurocamp for instance, as well as with travel agents, there”™s sure to be an accommodation option that suits your preferences and your budget. Whether you still want to keep a touch of luxury to your trip, or you”™re happy to spend your evenings together under the stars. We recently experienced a mix of traditional camping to luxury tents with bathrooms when we visited Jordan.

Little Petra Seven Wonders Camp24

What can be Involved?

As alluded to above, you can find a choice of different things to do from walking in beautiful, natural settings (an example is the Othello Tunnels in Hope, British Columbia) , to water sports (like these suggestions in California) and even family-friendly entertainment ”“ depending on the packages you choose. You can also often find that the areas near campsites and resorts have a lot to offer too such as climbing days out, mountain biking and even beaches.

Something else to bear in mind as well is that you have the flexibility to go out and explore if you want to, if you”™d prefer to visit nearby towns and cities without paying a premium to stay in them.

Geocaching: All you need is a device with GPS capabilities!

Geocaching: All you need is a device with GPS capabilities!

An Additional Benefit

The added benefit to outdoor holidays can sometimes mean saving money. It is often to take the car and drive a few hours and camp, rather then book a hotel. But do some research and see what works for you. Sometimes the unique accommodation such as a Yurt or an O-tent-ik is the best part for the kids! We love the creative ideas they come up with when we get to spend time outside!

Are you planning a getaway this summer? Where are you headed? I would love to hear some of your creative ideas!



Lindsay is the founder and editor of Carpe Diem OUR Way. She left her career in Canada to share her love of travel with her two young boys. She is passionate about sharing adventure travel activities for families and to encourage others to explore the world. She resides in the suburbs of Vancouver when not jet setting abroad.

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