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Traveling to Poland? Enjoy Part of Your Trip on a Bicycle

If you have ever considered traveling to Poland, you’ll be in for a treat once you’ve arrived. With beautiful mountainous landscapes, gorgeous lakes and stunning architecture throughout a country roughly the same size as the state of Wyoming, it’s easy to see why it’s a great place to visit for any bicycling enthusiast. Plus, the food is amazing. So, if you hadn’t made any plans to visit Poland, you will now. 


Prepping for the Road Ahead


Traversing a country on a bike is a great way to get a full view of the lush landscape and magnificent nature a place has to offer. If you’re not an avid cyclist though, it can be a tough endeavor. Start out slow and work your way up to longer distances in preparation for your Poland trip. No one says you have to cover every square mile on your bike, but traveling around the city and some of the top parks in the country would be a great way to get some exercise while abroad. 


Try taking a class to work up your endurance and who knows, you might develop such a passion for cycling that you’ll want to open a fitness franchise revolving around it. This way you can pass on your love of cycling through your business and have the stamina to ride around Poland like a pro. 


Schedule in a Food Tour


What’s the point of visiting any country if you don’t immerse yourself in the culture through their food? When deciding which city you’ll tour, be sure to find some interesting places to eat along the way. Traveling from location to location on your bike allows you to build up an appetite for the next snack or dish. 


The city of Krakow has many wonderful places for you to visit for food sampling and it’s very easy to get around, a plus for any avid cyclist. If you’re headed to this popular Polish city in the near future, be sure to schedule a food tour. Your tastebuds and stomach will thank you.

Warsaw Castle By Night, Poland“Warsaw Castle By Night, Poland” by Andrew Milligan sumo is licensed under CC BY 2.0



Popular Destination Spots


If you are looking to expand your trip past the city limits of Krakow, you’re in luck as Poland is filled with plenty of awesome cities worth a visit. Depending on what you’re looking for on a vacation and the time of year, skiing, swimming, and sailing can be had if you need a break from biking. You can also visit a zoo or maybe take in the sights from the observation deck found at St. Elizabeth’s church in Wroclaw. In addition to Wroclaw and Krakow, Poznan and Warsaw are other popular destination spots to consider while visiting Poland. 


Tips for Your Journey


As with any trip, a good foundation of planning and scheduling will help you in the long run. And, as this is a journey with an emphasis on biking, you’ll need to know where you can rent a bike and a bike rack for your vehicle on your Polish vacation. 


Other essentials you should remember to include while packing are comfortable clothing, shoes, and a plug adapter for European use along with your chargers for your electronics. It’s better to be prepared in advance than to be caught without items you may need once you’ve made the trip over. 


Finally, it’s one thing to be a tourist and take pictures of everything and another to pick your spots and take tasteful photographs while traveling. Be sure to document your trip with wonderful moments of yourself and your friends or family members enjoying life. Take a second to park your car or bicycle and take a photo of a beautiful sunset or a fantastic scenic backdrop. Taking pictures of your time in Poland will allow you to look back at your vacation with vivid memories.


Have fun!

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