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Put Costa Rica in your Travel Plans

Costa Rica Views are Amazing

Why Costa Rica Should be in Your Travel Plans


Where is Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is located in Central America and borders Nicaragua in the North and Panama in the South. Its population is approximately 4.7 million. It can be accessed by two international airports: Liberia and San Jose. Its official languages are Spanish and English.

Prong Billed Barbet

Prong Billed Barbet

Why Costa Rica in for Families?

Besides the amazing microclimates full of wildlife, lush rainforest and beautiful beaches, children are adored by the people of Costa Rica and they are always willing to help out. Don”™t be afraid to ask for assistance! Family is central in their lives and many children live with their parents until they are married.

Costa Rica has embraced visitors and it should not seem like a destination that is too foreign for the average traveler. Costa Rica has various family-friendly resorts, hotels or rentals to suit any family.

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Enjoy the Natural Beauty

Costa Rica’s natural beauty is unmatched. Consider visiting the popular Poás Volcano Natural Park with your family for stunning views of the active volcano.

Poas Volcano, Costa Rica

Poas Volcano, Costa Rica

Relax and enjoy the Beach

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the beach while your children build sandcastles and play in the water. There are also surf friendly beaches in Costa Rica where your children can ride their first wave!


Family Adventure and Activities

Lonely Planet has come up with a great list of Family Adventures including canopy tours, river rafting and enjoying the natural beauty of the country. You can find wildlife, waterfalls, volcanoes and hot springs all in one trip! For the older kids ziplining and water slides make for an exciting day

Visit Costa Rica in 2016… Visit Costa Rica in 2016 - Great for Families, Solo Travelers and More

Don’t miss the Sloth Rescue Sanctuary for your little animal lovers or a night trip into the jungle with a guide.

Visit the Sloth Rescue Sanctuary with the Family while in Costa Rica

Visit the Sloth Rescue Sanctuary with the Family while in Costa Rica

How is the Weather?

Costa Rica enjoys a tropical climate and has two distinct seasons. The Dry season (verano) and the wet season (invierrno). Both are considered to be “hot” but in the wet season, you will find the country to be more lush and green and of course, rainy.


Is it Safe?

Costa Rica is known as a safe place to Travel. It is known for its helpful people. You often see people on the street at night. However, as with any situation, you should use caution (scroll down to see my general travel precautions)

Costa Rica Views in 2016

How is the Heathcare?

Costa Rica has modern healthcare facilities

Practical Information about Costa Rica
  • This information applies to almost any country you may visit.
  • Do not travel with large amounts of cash.
  • Keep photocopies of your passports and travel itinerary
  • Keep a credit card separate from your wallet in case it is lost or stolen.
  • If you are renting a car, here is why we travel with car seats.
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Why you Should Visit COSTA RICA in 2016

Photo Credits: Sunset by Kansasphoto,… Poas Volcano by Johanna MacKay,… Frog by Pavel Kirillov,… La Fortuna Falls by Kyle May,… View from Cerro Amigos by Dennis Tang,… Prong-Billed Barbet Bird by Clickor,… Sloth by Marissa Strniste

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