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Putting Me First: Why I Still Want to be Doing this In 20 years

Genacol Review


Putting Me First: Why I Still Want to be Doing this In 20 years

It has been one year since I left my corporate job to embrace the world of travel blogging full time. I am a mom of two busy kids; I am constantly planning where I am headed next; I am the voice behind this website, the editor, the social media manager; I am running a million miles a minute. And most likely, you are too. I have been at blogging for almost three years, but my travel lifestyle has been around for longer than that. Before I had kids you would find me hiking into remote beaches, with 40 pounds on my back. You would find me on a soccer field, on a baseball diamond, snorkelling tropical beaches, or climbing mountains.

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When Genacol reached out to me offering their supplements for joint and ligament health, I figured it was worth a try! I am 33 years old, I do not suffer from joint pain, but osteoarthritis does run in my family. If you saw my Facebook video about trying out the product, I mentioned how many women on my soccer team, who are also in their thirties, had torn knee ligaments and were waiting for surgery. It is a common trait, I think, for women to not take care of themselves.

So I gave Genacol a go. I do NOT want to be on the side lines, or unable to hike or travel because of joint deterioration or even worse, pain.

From he Summit of Golden Ears Mountain outside Vancouver, Canada

From he Summit of Golden Ears Mountain outside Vancouver, Canada

Genacol Review

The first thing I tried, was the Triple Action topical spray. I had stiff back muscles and usually turn to advil, or a cocktail of essential oils to rub on the area, or your typical icy rub. I liked that this spray did not have a super strong smell, and rubbed in easily. It did not feel greasy. It took the pain down quite a bit and I have used it a few times since. It”™s definitely something nice to have in my arsenal after a soccer game.

In the package, they gave me the Genacol Original Formula, as well as the liquid Genacol Optimum. I personally am not the type that likes to have to swallow lots of pills so loved the option of liquid.

If you are a morning shake person, it would be easy to add the Optimum to your shake! I did, in the end, use the capsules more, as it was convenient and in my purse. You can get more information on their website here.

Genacol contains 4 active ingredients:

Glucosamine: Lubricates and improves mobility as well as the flexibility of joints
Aminolock…® Collagen: Regenerates and prevents premature joint degradation
MSM: Help with the synergy of all the ingredients
Chondroitin sulfate: Protects joints against joint tissues deterioration and degeneration


Travelling to Rigi Kulm Switzerland by cog train

Travelling to Rigi Kulm Switzerland by cog train

Collagen and Ligaments

When women talk about collagen, usually we are not talking about joints! But after researching Genacol, I learned a lot about how collagen decreases as we age and that contributes to ligaments losing their flexibility. Should I mention the part about my team mates needing knee surgery again. I do not want to be that person. I want to keep summiting mountains, I want to keep on taking adventures with my kids.

It”™s a mom thing, not taking care of ourselves, isn’t it? But I would recommend Genacol to anyone who suffers from joint pain, or who is concerned about their joint health. There are plenty of positive reviews from people who have had their symptoms alleviated after a few weeks of using it. And as a former pain sufferer (thanks to a herniated disk as a teenager) I know how debilitating pain can be.

So if you suffer from joint pain, or want to prevent osteoarthritis like me, why not give Genacol a try? As women, as moms, we need to do a better job of taking care of ourselves!

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Final Thoughts on Genacol:

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Joint Pain and Joint Health Review with Genacol

Editor”™s Disclosure: I was compensated by Genacol in exchange for this post. As always, these opinions are my own.

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