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Why you should Road Trip Canada this Summer

Why you should Road Trip Canada this Summer

Why you should Road Trip Canada this Summer

Cross country road trips are a popular vacation option for families and friends in Canada. Driving 300-400 kilometres a day means a one way, cross Canada road trip will take about two weeks. Whether it was inspired by Terry Fox’s 1980 Marathon of Hope, or the beautiful images shared by others of Canada’s diverse landscapes, it is something for every Canadian to add to their bucket list!

If you are planning on road tripping with young kids, check out this post: How to survive a road trip with a toddler

We suggest Camping In Tofino

Whether it be by rail, car, motorhome, trailer or on top of a pair of motorcycle tires, there are plenty of options for everyone! With it being Canada’s 150th Birthday, Parks Canada is offering free entrance to all parks with the 2017 Discovery Pass.… You only need one per vehicle


The top spots for most cross Canada road trips include Victoria, on Canada’s West Coast, Lake Louise’s amazing views, Banff and its mountainous beauty, Old Montreal, Cape Breton, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island.

If you are the adventurous sort and want to see Canada from behind the handle bars of a motorcycle, as my husband’s aunt would be, you can pick up motorcycle jackets for women and yahama accessories before your trip.

If you, like us, want to Cross Canada in a motorhome, there are a few options where you can pick up and drop in another location without a big penalty. Cruise Canada is one of those.

There is nothing wrong with spending your nights in hotels, or in tents, or a combination of whatever travel style suits your trip.

Our good friend Jami from Adventure Awaits has perfected the road trip packing list with kids. You can check out her TV feature on CTV here.

The Othello Tunnels, Hope BC

The Othello Tunnels, Hope BC

When to Go?

July and August are traditional summer holidays for kids in Canada. Parents tend to take time off to vacation with their families, many university students will not take summer classes and will take the break in studies to get out and explore and tourists flock to Canada at this time of year.

Ensure you plan your trip and have an idea for a plan B if the campsite you pull up to is full, if the hotel has no room, or when there is a 3 ferry wait to get from Vancouver to Victoria in British Columbia.

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