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5 Unique Road Trips Perfect for Family Travel 

Many families love taking road trips. However, it requires proper planning to make it great, especially if you’re travelling with little kids. Of course, the destination is also an important consideration. Thankfully, you’ll find many cool places that can make your family road trip truly unforgettable. From Iceland to California, Hungary, South Africa and Jordan, these five unique road trips are perfect for family travel.

Iceland family road trip.
Iceland’s stunning landscapes are perfect for family road trips.

1. Iceland Road Trip 

Iceland definitely tops the list for unique road trips for families, thanks mainly to the stunning sights you’ll encounter along the way, such as the Seljalandsfoss waterfall and the Blue Lagoon. If you’re thinking of hitting the open road on your family holiday to Iceland, consider picking up an SUV from Keflavik that can fit the entire family. Whether you’re going for an action-packed week-long sightseeing or an exciting three-day driving adventure, Iceland can cater to all your family road trip needs. 

Drive through the Golden Circle route, which features the thermal landscape of the stunning Gullfoss waterfall and the world-famous geysers. It will also include passing through the UNESCO-listed Þingvellir National Park, believed to be the birthplace of Icelandic democracy. You can also squeeze in a few attractions on this route, such as visiting Kerið, a huge volcanic crater in south Iceland. 

When you’re back in Reykjavik, relax in the Blue Lagoon, which lies on the route from Reykjavik to Keflavik Airport. Blue Lagoon is a massive geothermal spa and one of Iceland’s must-see attractions. Aside from enjoying a relaxing soak, you can also enjoy the excellent dining and spa treatment amenities on-site.

2. California Road Trip

California is perfectly made for road trips. From north to south, the Golden State is filled with scenic wonders, charming towns, and vibrant cities, and the best way to explore these is by going on a road trip. Your family road trip to California is guaranteed to be unforgettable as it’s full of unmissable sights along the way. 

Highway I, also known as the Pacific Coast Highway, will take you to Big Sur along California’s Central Coast and is one of the most scenic drives in the state. The coastal route starts from Los Angeles and ends in San Francisco, with some people extending the journey and continuing south to San Diego. This road trip is not only about unforgettable scenic views. History buffs will also find something of interest when driving through this route. You’ll come across many Franciscan churches built during the 18th Century as you drive along this route.

The last stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway, which passes through Orange County, is the area on the way to San Diego from Los Angeles. Famous for being the home of Disneyland, the Orange Country is a region boasting many incredible attractions, including idyllic beaches and charming hidden coves. Make sure you spend some time exploring Santa Ana with your kids!

3. Hungary Road Trip 

Hungary may not be a popular choice for a road trip. However, given its stunning culture, decent road conditions, and the numerous exciting things to do along the way, the country can be an ideal choice for your road trip excursions with the family.

Budapest is the ideal starting point for your road trip to Hungary. Once you’re here, spend a few nights exploring the city’s attractions before heading off on your road trip. Check out the Buda Castle, Castle Hill, and Trinity Square, home to the 13th-century Matthias Church. When you’re ready to move to your next destination, pack up early the following day and drive towards Győr, a beautiful city in the northwest part of Hungary, sandwiched between Vienna and Budapest. Follow the M1 road and drive towards M19. Drive for an hour until you reach Gyor, an economic and religious centre of Eastern Europe.

After spending a day or two in Gyor, leave early for Sopron, a city along the Austrian border near Lake Fertő. The drive will take around an hour and a half and will take you to the edge of the country. Make the most of your family road trip by scheduling your visit during the F1 Grand Prix. Book your tickets early and choose from the different Hungarian F1 tickets and packages.

4. South Africa Road Trip

South Africa’s pristine coastlines, ever-changing landscapes, and quirky small towns make it a popular destination for a family road trip. And for the adventurous families, it’s easy to get off the beaten path into the rugged hills of the Wild Coast or the Shakaland Zulu village in Nkwalini Valley.

When road tripping South Africa, the Garden Route is the most popular trail to follow. It’s a 200-km stretch of highway between Western Cape’s Mossel Bay and the Storms River Mouth at the Eastern Cape. The Garden Route is renowned for its varied and verdant vegetation, giving easy access to several dense mountain forests, sublime beaches, and picturesque lagoons and lakes. Make a stop to enjoy the plethora of outdoor activities along the way.

Another famous driving route in South Africa is the ruggedly beautiful Wild Coast in Eastern Cape. It starts from the Eastern Cape’s coastal city of East London and into the border of Kwa-Zulu Natal, about 350 km to the northeast. As you drive through its rolling hills, along the jagged coastlines, you’ll find hillsides dotted with charming villages and small farming plots.

Jordan - Wadi Rum Glamping in Martian Tents
Glamping in Wadi Rum Jordan – the Perfect country for a family road trip.

5. Jordan Road Trip 

Jordan is home to picturesque ancient towns and archaeological ruins, the most famous of which is the ancient city of Petra. It is a small country to travel in and the perfect destination for a family road trip. Driving along Jordan’s scenic roads will take you to rocky cliffs, vast deserts, and serene seas, making your journey unforgettable.

Off-roading at the Wadi Rum is a must for adventurous families visiting Jordan. With its rustic dunes, rock bridges, and ancient sites, taking a Jeep Tour through the Wadi Rum will surely take your breath away!

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