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Staying in Touch with Loved Ones while Overseas

Staying in Touch While Overseas

Staying in Touch with Loved Ones while Overseas

For all the wonderful experiences travelling affords us, there are some things nowhere but home can offer you. Not least of these is the people; the friends and family that mark the difference between a home and a mere place of residence.

We live in a more connected age than ever, so there are plenty of ways to stay in touch and keep the homesickness at bay. This is especially good if you have any first-time travellers in your party. Here are a few of the ways you might use to stay in touch.

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The Treasury in Petra, Jordan

The Treasury in Petra, Jordan

Video Chat

The likes of Skype and FaceTime have made the face-to-face long distance communication that used to be limited to science fiction novels and Back to the Future Part II a reality. There’s a lot to like about these services if you’re travelling the world.

For one thing, they’re free, so they don’t cost any more to use than your basic internet service, and they’re a great way to let groups of people talk to each other, so long as you can corral them all around a single device.

This isn’t to say they’re perfect for every circumstance, though. They require a pretty steady internet connection””which isn”™t something you”™ve got guaranteed in every part of the world””and depending where you are you might have to deal with time zone differences.

Wadi Rum 4x4 Tour, Jordan

Wadi Rum 4×4 Tour, Jordan


It’s not the most exciting or revolutionary suggestion, but exchanging messages by email is a great way to keep the folks back home updated. Again, this requires an internet connection, but because an email is a static block of information you can send them fairly easily even if the internet where you are is slow or spotty.

You can also attach photos and videos very simply, and you’ll never get cut off in the middle of a conversation, so it’s a good solution for the less technically minded.

Camping in Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

Camping in Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan


Delivery services like TNT can be a surprisingly effective way of staying in touch. There”™s nothing quite so personal as a handwritten letter, and a physical delivery means that you can enclose souvenirs as you find them instead of handing them all at once you get home””admit it, we”™ve all found ourselves staring at some odd curio as we unpack that must have seemed perfect for someone when we bought it but is now simply mystifying.

Being the most low-tech solution, it”™s a good way to get a message out when you”™re heading into more remote, internet-deprived areas and won”™t be able to reply for a while.

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