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Tello Mobile for your USA Travel

Why we use Tello Mobile when Traveling in the USA


If you are like me, you pay one of the most expensive cell phone bills in the world. Canadians have it tough. BUT, you do not need to give that already expensive phone service more of your hard earned cash when you travel to the USA. And if you are visiting the USA from another country, you probably will encounter expensive coverage if you choose to use your carrier’s roaming.

Tello for travelers

It is probably the last thing you think about when you are packing, but if you plan ahead, you can get great cell phone rates and keep some more cash in your pocket for buying treats at Great Wolf Lodge, or Disneyland or your beach vacation in Florida.

We take several trips to the United States each year and we use Tello Mobile to stay connected. Whether it is using the Disneyland App in Disneyland to find out ride wait times, or FaceTime to see family back home, I like to have cell coverage at my fingertips. My 7 year old is also a big PokemonGo fan, and he loves collecting new Pokemon and battle opponents when we travel. And lets be honest, it is my job to be sharing our travels on Facebook or Instagram and I can use Tello’s network to upload new blog posts when I tether it to my computer. Like while we are in Anacortes, enjoying the 4th of July!

Attacking the Waves in Panama City Beach Florida

Attacking the Waves in Panama City Beach Florida

Tello makes a great option for vacations, long term travellers, or dual residents. We use a dedicated phone and no longer have to switch SIM cards or deal with outrageous roaming bills. It seems as though EVERY TIME I take that tiny sim card out and put it in a “special” place, I always forget where that special place is!

And Tello is not just for Canadians. Visitors from any country can benefit from Tello’s service. If you are planning an extended US visit, Tello is a great option for you to check out.

You can pick exactly what you want, whether it is no minutes and just data or a plan that offers unlimited calling (including calls to Canada)

Pick exactly what you want when you choose your Tello plan

Advantages of Tello

  • permanent number for a very low cost. It only costs $5 a month to keep your number active when you are not in the USA.
  • it is easy to upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime when you visit the USA with Tello Talk, Text and Data Plans.

Tello for travelers

Keep In Mind

  • You need a CDMA compatible phone and ideally a dedicated phone for the USA. Instead of switching out phones, I use a dedicated one. It makes things much easier. I can tether my other phone to it if I want and I often tether it to my computer.
  • You can combine talk, text and data. And you can even call international!
  • Tello has nationwide 4G LTE coverage to keep you connected, and fast!
  • Tello has no contracts, or activation fees, just low rates

Click here to check out Tello Mobile options and see what suits you best.

The best cell phone service for US Visitors or US travellers

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  1. Margaret says:

    How did you obtain a SIM card in Canada and did you have any issues refilling it using a Canadian credit card

    • Hi Margaret, This article is about traveling to the USA but I can do some research about travel to Canada and how to get a SIM card while there. I do know that cell carriers are expensive in Canada.

  2. Natalie Nicoll says:

    Fab post!! We’re travelling to the US from the U.K. in the next 6 months and I was wondering what I needed to do to get a phone and data plan. Thanks!