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The Majestic Polar Bear Aboard an Arctic Cruise

The Majestic Polar Bear Aboard an Arctic Cruise

Arctic Cruises: A Dream Experience

The Ursus maritimus, or polar bear, as named by British commander C.J. Phipps in 1774, slowly…  paces along the snowy ground as we watch in the distance. Its 700 kilograms of bulk, covered in yellowish-white fur, a powerful force in the Arctic”™s desolate landscape. Polar bears tend to be loners and will roam vast distances on their own. Their buoyant bodies make them excellent swimmers and a polar bear has been recorded swimming over 400 kilometres non-stop.

Their diet is made up mainly of bearded and ringed seals, and polar bears can wait on the ice for hours until a seal pops its head up for some air. In the summer months, they often have to live off their stored fat, as they are not able to stalk and hunt their prey.

Through the lens of my camera, I watch, as the Old Man in the fur coat, as the Laplanders called them, wanders in the bleak frozen tundra. Its environment is beautiful, in its vastness of white snow and ice. We watch from our boat, surrounded by hundreds of seabirds, in search of their next meal.

Antarctic Peninsula, Foyn Harbour

I am amazed, as I look around, ice floating across the freezing blue water that I am actually here, in the habitat of the mighty white polar bear.







Have you ever had a dream so vivid, and so bright, that you just know you have to go there? I have been thinking about the arctic a lot lately, and am eager to get out and explore on an arctic adventure. There are so many options.

Aboard an Arctic cruise there are dozens of arctic animals to watch, in their natural habitat.

I want to be one of those people!

I want to see a rockhopper penguin, a puffin, and a walrus! I want to watch the icebergs float by, as these small ship cruise options allow visitors to get up and close to an amazing environment that so few get to see!

Does the arctic intrigue you? I can”™t wait to explore the barren land that so few get to visit!


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