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Things to do in Sun Peaks In the Summer

If you are looking for things to do in Sun Peaks in the Summer you have come to the right place. Sun Peaks is an alpine destination in British Columbia that can be enjoyed in the winter as well as the summer. Best known for epic powder and lots of snow, it is also a great summer getaway without the crowds of other alpine resorts.

Sun Peaks in the Summer

Things to do in Sun Peaks

There are plenty of summer activities at Sun Peaks for anyone who loves the outdoors. You do not have to be an “outdoorsy person” to enjoy Sun Peaks. You just have to be outdoors! It is a perfect getaway for families, couples or friends looking to get out of Vancouver for a few days. It is also a convenient destination for visitors from Alberta who are looking to enjoy what BC has to offer.

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Sun Peak Golf

Golfing is one of the popular Sun Peaks summer activities and due to its alpine location your ball is going to fly farther than normal! That is a bonus for most of us! It is also often 10 degrees cooler than courses that are located in Kamloops!

Hiking around the Alpine Flowers at Sun Peaks

Hiking around the Alpine Flowers at Sun Peaks

Sun Peaks Hiking

Sun Peaks is a popular hiking destination and its alpine bloom (occurring from mid July to mid August) adds to the stunning views. Whether you are looking for an easy walk or a challenging vertical, there is something for everyone on Sun Peaks.

A Note About Hiking: Every year, search and rescue are called out to rescue stranded hikers who have become injured or who were not prepared for the conditions or the difficulty of the trail. Ensure you are physically fit, carry water and snacks as well as a basic first aid kit and a cell phone. Also make sure that someone knows where you are going. Being prepared before a day in the back country can make a big difference if you run into trouble.

Sun Peaks Mountain Biking

Sun Peaks is a Mountain Biker’s Paradise

Sun Peaks Mountain Biking

Sun Peaks has an extensive mountain bike network and 2500 feet of vertical trails. There are cross country trails that are accessible without using the chair lifts and for those who are there for the vertical, there are 40 trails from beginner to expert. The signage is similar to skiing where green is for beginner, blue for intermediate and black diamond for experts only. Only technical riders who can handle rocks, roots, drops and jumps should challenge themselves on the black diamond routes.

For visitors, mountain bikes can be rented and there are lessons in the bike park, as well as cross country and ladies only camps!

Sun Peaks is popular for Horseback Riding

Sun Peaks Horseback Riding

If you are like me and love horseback riding while you are in beautiful BC then check out the Sun Peaks Stables. They offer small group horseback rides daily and rebooking is essential.

One thing to note is that they do not take children under 10 years of age. Proper footwear with a heel is required.

Where is Sun Peaks?

If you want to know how to get to Sun Peaks by car, Vancouver to Sun Peaks is about a 4 hour drive along the Coquihalla Highway. This highway is two lanes each way and divided the whole way. You can also choose to take highway 1, which is more of a one lane each way type of road, with more twists and turns and more driving time. (It adds about a hour to the drive). For this reason, the Highway 5 Coquihalla Highway is the most popular route. If you are driving to Sun Peaks this way, it still climbs quite a  few mountains including the Coquihalla summit and offers beautiful views along the way.

Sun Peaks itself, is located near Kamloops (about a 45 minute drive away)

It can also be accessed by flying into Kamloops Airport (YKA) which is serviced by Air Canada and West Jet. There is non-stop service from both Calgary and Vancouver. I would suggest you rent a car on arrival as it is the easiest and most convenient way to get around the area. If you do not want to rent a car, check out the shuttle service to the mountain!

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Top things to do at Sun Peaks in Summer, British Columbia Ski Resort

This post was sponsored by Sun Peaks.

Image Credits: View of Sunburst Lodge by Ruth Hartnup, Horseback Riding and Alpine Flowers by Sun Peaks/Kelly Funk, 

16 thoughts on “Things to do in Sun Peaks In the Summer

  1. Jenn and Ed Coleman

    Sun Peaks seems like a beautiful place to visit. Our ideal life would be to live in a ski town for the summer and experience all of the healthy living. When I lived in Washington State, I always wanted to travel up there for skiing but never had the chance. BC is gorgeous.

  2. Harmony, Momma To Go

    Ive never been to Sun Peaks, or out that western part of the US/Canada. This does remind me of a trip I did to CO one summer with my family. Im not much of a skier (or winter person) so love the mountains in summer!

  3. Janine Thomas

    The alpine meadows remind me a bit of Switzerland in the spring and those views are amazing! It’s great that there are a variety of hikes to choose from as well. It looks like a stunning year-round destination.

  4. Kirstie

    Horseback riding and golf! Great ideas for the weekend. In that photo with the horses, amazing view of the mountain at the back by the way.

  5. Suruchi Mittal

    Sun Peak in summers sounds super interesting and surely will be one of our favorite destinations. Golfing and Hiking with the alpine meadow views will be so much fun. Biking looks quite tough there.

  6. Vanessa Workman

    Sun Peaks looks like one big awesome summer camp and so beautiful! I had no idea Vancouver was so lovely. Very convenient that they have shuttle service to the mountain. Bonus points for that!

  7. Carrie

    This looks like a beautiful area and I’d love to do some hiking to see the alpine bloom! Thanks for the warning about getting lost. Do you have any recommended maps, or are the trails well-marked?

  8. Indrani

    First time knowing about Sun Peaks and really impressed about its thrilling adventure possibilities. Biking will be the one I will try first. The forest environ looks so good worth experiencing!

  9. Jas

    I have no idea how I’ve always lived in Vancouver yet never heard of this place in BC. (Even stranger because I frequent the interior and have driven down Coquihalla countless times.) Well, better late than never so thank you for introducing me to this beautiful place! Would definitely love to do the alpine bloom hike next year!!

  10. Erin Clarkson

    Now that’s my kind of hiking destination! Those views are incredible. And hey…it’s good to know I might actually be a decent golfer there 😉

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