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Things to do with Kids: Gold Coast Australia

When I ask just about anyone where they want to travel, Australia is almost always, at least part, of their answer. There is something about the “foreignness” or the “isolation” of this huge country and its range of unique experiences and animals. I was lucky enough to visit Australia as a child and have put together a list of things to do with kids on the Gold Coast as it is somewhere that I am often asked for advice on!

Before I get started on the best things to do on the Gold Coast with kids, here is a bit of info on this beautiful coastline!

  • The Gold Coast gets over 300 days of sunshine, that is music to my ears, and to many of us who endure cold winters! An escape to paradise sounds perfect anytime from October to March for Vancouverites like me!
  • The Gold Coast is over 70 kilometres long and has a huge array of things to do with kids that should please any family and plenty of family-friendly resorts! With over 12 beaches and a skyline of high-rises and resorts, whether you are a foodie, a beach lover or a surfer, you will find something to do!
  • The Gold Coast is located about an hour’s drive south of Brisbane and 9 hours drive North of Sydney.
  • One of the most famous landmarks in Australia, is located on the Gold Coast. Standing at an impressive 322.5 meters, Q1 is unmissable on the Queensland skyline.

If you are flying to Australia for your vacation, and happy to have kids like I do, check out these handy airplane activities for kids. You do not need to go overboard, but grab one or two to keep your little ones happy on your trip!

Things to do with kids on the Gold Coast Australia

Things to do with Kids in the Gold Coast, Australia


This has to be high on the to-do list for families visiting the Gold Coast with kids. Pack some snacks (maybe some healthy muffins), hungry kids are angry kids, and lots of fluids and hit the beach! Take a surf lesson, or sign your children up for one before you take to the waves! If you have never tried it, do not be afraid to give it a go! I did it for the first time as a 33 year old and had a blast! (PS It was way more tiring then I thought!)

Theme Parks

Did you know that the Gold Coast has an a variety of theme parks for those who wants an exhilarating thrill, or for those who want to get up close with animals! Check out Movie World, Sea World or Wet n Wild

Koala in Queenslans

Lamington National Park

I mention Lamington National Park in my Queensland Guide and also mention it here to give you an outback experience in Australia! Bushwhack to hidden waterfalls and explore amazing views when you get away from the beach

Some of the allure of Australia is their unique array of animals. Wildlife spotting in Australia is one of the reasons that kids love Australia!

Jet Ski

If your kids are like mine, some adrenaline out on the water is exactly what they want to be doing! Check out a Jet Ski rental while you are on holiday!

SpringBrook National Park

If you are visiting the gold coast with kids, glow worms are something your kids will love, especially when they learn what they actually are! Head over to Springbrook National Park and see them for yourself!


If you have shoppers in the family, check out Harbour Town Gold Coast, Pacific Fair, Paradise Centre, Robina Town Centre, Australia Fair or the Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre


Stand up Paddle Boarding looks pretty easy right? Well until you have tried it, you shouldn’t laugh at those tourists you see falling down again and again! I will admit, the first time I tried it was in the fall in IRELAND and I was so scared to fall and get wet (and freezing). But give me some Gold Coast sunshine and I will be out there enjoying a paddle and giving my little a rid on the front! Try it out for yourself, or send your bigger kids out there to try it themselves!

Visit a Surfing Museum

Containing the largest collection of surfboards in Australia, check out Surf World to learn about the evolution of surfboards from their infancy until today. I can imagine that technology has sure changed over the last 100 years!

Hang out at the Beach

If sunshine is on your itinerary, you will get tons of it on the Gold Coast! lounge at the beach for a day (you can check out my beach packing essentials here). For the best kids beaches on the Gold Coast , visit Broadbeach for safe swimming for your little ones!

Tips for Visiting the Gold Coast

  • If you are visiting Australia or planning your vacation, start with KAYAK to search for flights and car rentals!
  • Read this post for what you can and cannot bring into this special ecosystem!
  • When it comes to Hotels, decide if you want to get a room with a view, or are willing to walk a few blocks to the beach!

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Things to do with Kids: Gold Coast Australia | Gold Coast Activities | What to do in the Gold Coast

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