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Tips to Consider When You Book an All Inclusive Holiday

Tips for Booking an All Inclusive Holiday

Tips to Consider When You Book an All Inclusive Holiday… 


What better way to spend a holiday, than being completely relaxed and without worry of paying the next restaurant bill or bar tab. Well, an all inclusive holiday is just the way to do that, and for family travellers like us, it often means that the kids will travel free (or at deeply discounted rates)! So if you”™re stressing over planning a holiday, save yourself some trouble and go for the all inclusive option. With the click of a few buttons you can have your trip booked and you can guarantee a vacation is a decision the whole family is sure to love!

Tips for Booking an All Inclusive Holiday

Timing is everything

If you”™re… looking to save a cent… (or lots of cents) then you might consider booking your trip off-season, which will not only reduce costs, but also mean you will spend less time in queues at airports or for taxis, crowded pools and fully booked restaurants. Even a day or two out of peak season can make all the difference. This is one tactic that will certainly pay off in more ways than one.

Bundle up

It”™s a good idea to bundle up your flight and hotel booking, which often results in big discounts on the room cost. It”™s well worth spending some time exploring the different offers and packages on these bundles and checking on any upcoming deals, as different airlines and travel agents often run special offers depending on the day or period you choose to make your booking in.

Love at first sight

Sometimes the most unbelievable bargain is too good to resist, but savvy shoppers beware. Before clicking the ”˜book”™ button, check exactly what is included, as some offers aren”™t entirely all-inclusive. On some packages you may only be entitled to particular types of drink or food, or may have to pay a little extra for some activities. That”™s not true of them all, though. Check out… some of the different packages available… and make sure you know beforehand so it doesn”™t place a dampener on your holiday.

Vacation Travel Tips for Booking an All Inclusive Holiday

Venture off the beaten track

If you”™re up for an adventure, how about picking a lesser known destination. This doesn”™t mean sacrificing the great holiday experience, in fact it might make it all the better as you won”™t have to compete with the huge number of other tourists for those bright sun rays! The Dominican Republic and Mexico are nice spots for all inclusive trips, with slightly fewer tourist footprints on their beautiful sands. This is a chance to save on your holiday costs, and you won”™t regret exploring somewhere a little different.

The perfect match

Before you rush into booking an all-inclusive holiday that sounds amazing, check who it caters for. Often travel agents will tailor their packages to suit specific groups, such as couples, families, or party goers. So if you’re setting off on a family vacation, see what the resort features and caters for first, to ensure you’ll keep the whole family happy. For example, many resorts offer free “kids clubs” for preschoolers and older aged children but charge a fee for a babysitting services for babies and toddlers. If you investigate all of the details beforehand you certainly won”™t be disappointed when you arrive in paradise!

Pressed the ‘book’ button? You’re all done. Now sit back and get ready for some fun in the sun – it’s part of the all-inclusive package you know!

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Tips to Consider when booking an All Inclusive Holiday from Carpe Diem OUR Way Family Travel Blog

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4 thoughts on “Tips to Consider When You Book an All Inclusive Holiday

  1. Hannah Finch

    I’ve never been on an all inclusive holiday, mainly because I travel long term but I have considered trying it out. I think sometimes its really worth it, especially if you just want to go away and relax. Thanks for the tips to book an all inclusive holiday!

  2. Gemma

    Good points – I’ve been on a couple of all inclusive trips and you do need to check that everything is actually all inclusive (including the WiFi!)

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