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The Top Traditional Greek Foods to Try in Greece

We’ve covered Greece, and more specifically Santorini, a fair bit on here. Not only is it a wonderful place to experience thanks to its stunning beaches and excellent weather, but the cuisine on offer is delicious also. In fact, Greece, on the whole, has superb regional food well worth trying. 

Greek food is popular all over the world but to try it at its authentic best; you really need to visit the country of its origin. The Mediterranean diet is not only healthy on the whole, but it’s fresh and vibrant, with many of the dishes hard to rival. The ingredients on offer throughout the country tend to speak for themselves, which is why simplicity is occasionally the best way to try some of Greece’s traditional treats. From moussaka, tzatziki and frappes to a variety of other dishes, Greece is a food lovers paradise.

A Greek dining experience is usually like no other, too. You can enjoy stunning snacks by the pool with a cocktail in hand as you play the video poker experience with Deuces Wild, alongside attending a more swanky establishment serving up some of the country’s most delicate and desirable seafood. There’s so much to eat in the country, essentially. With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the traditional Greek food you simply have to try when visiting the country. 


The perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee, Amygdalota is a hugely popular gluten-free almond cookie. Almonds are its main ingredient, although the final Amygdalota can vary from region to region. Wherever you are in the country, though, if you’re in need of a sweet treat then tracking down some Amygdalota is well worth doing. 



Available all around the world, baklava is Greece’s favourite dessert. With crispy layers of phyllo pastry smothered in sweet tasty syrup, once cooked and crispy this traditional dish Greece is famous for is impossible to ignore, especially for those of you with a sweet tooth out there. 


Dolmadakia are tiny dolmades that are made of stuffed grape leaves, usually containing beef or lamb inside what is essentially a mini parcel. Usually served as an appetizer, a plate of dolmadakia goes beautifully with a glass of wine or beer and is the perfect starter to enjoy before tucking into a feast of Greek grub. 

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Particularly popular in Santorini and Syros, Tomatokeftedes are tomato fritters like you’ve never had before. Packed full of flavor thanks to the addition of mint and onion to accompany the tomato, this traditional meze is a must-try, especially for the vegetarians among us. When spending 2 days in Santorini, make sure you make time for these fritters!

Feta Me Meli

The Greek love feta cheese, which is why it is prominent throughout much of Greek cuisine. One dish where feta really shines, though, is with feta me meli. With feta wrapped in filo pastry, before being cooked in the oven and then given a light drizzling of honey, this salty and sweet blend is a truly unique taste well worth trying. 

Greek salad 

You might have already had one, but you really can’t visit Greece without trying an authentic Greek salad. With tomatoes, cucumber, feta and olive featured, this fresh and vibrant dish is essentially Greece on a plate, which is why it is served throughout the country as either a starter or a main. One of the best things about greek salad in Greece is that it is usually served with a large piece of feta instead of it being crumbled into the salad. A cheese lover’s dream!

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A popular meat option alongside the hugely popular gyros, Keftethes are Greece’s version of meatballs served in a creamy sauce, with a slice of pitta bread to soak everything up. Simple but perfect. 

Other food worth trying is Loukoumades, Pastitsio, Saganaki, Spanikopita, Yemista and Halvas. 

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