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Unique Souvenirs from the Top Tourist Hotspots

One of the best things about traveling to new places is shopping! If you have followed along for awhile, you will know how much I enjoy Egypt’s Souqs or Swiss Souvenirs! Besides the usual shopping for clothes, accessories and other personal items, shopping for souvenirs is part of the experience. But to savour this experience, avoid getting caught up in hard bargains and get your own array of beautiful souvenirs to bring home and bring joy to yourself and others. Here are some unique listings you can find in some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.


Croatian Lace


Each country has its own specialty and a range of unusual collectibles that represent its local culture. If you visit Croatia, don’t miss their stunning lace products. Hand sewn since the Renaissance era, lace has been appreciated all over the world and especially in Croatia, where its intricate and unique patterns speak volumes about its durability and quality. Available in geometric patterns and organic shapes, you can shop for lace trims, table linen and other lifestyle products in lace.


Berlin Wall Fragments


Perhaps one of the most important historical monuments of Germany, the ruin of the Berlin Wall is frequented by scores of tourists each year and the gift shops there are brimming with real pieces of the Berlin Wall as an unusual keepsake. You may also find some pieces with colourful graffiti on them. While you will not be able to prove the veracity of this souvenir, the story behind the keepsake will certainly be valuable!

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Azerbaijan’s Impressive Keepsakes


Azerbaijan is popular for its impressive selection of pear-shaped Armudy Tea Sets and copper kitchen ware. While these items may be a tad bit difficult to carry back home, you’d buy their traditional rugs and table linen as unique reminders of your trip here.


Bali’s Scented Incense


Go back in time and revisit your trip to Bali, long after your return with the Supa Dupa Incense. Made for use in daily rituals and considered a Temple Spice, the incense is prepared with a blend of oils, flowers, spices, nuts and herbs and is a hot favourite among locals and tourists alike.


Mexico’s Mole Paste


The mole paste in Mexico City is made of authentic ingredients and is a traditional marinade used in Mexican cuisine, included in a number of sauces. It usually has chilli pepper, fruit, black pepper, cinnamon, cumin and nuts and tastes wonderful.

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Italian Handmade Leather


Leather items are a common item in the shopping world and while you will find most of these in some of the world’s best tourist spots, there are others that are best bought from the land of origin.  Italy’s leather goods have been renowned for their gorgeous make and durability and the markets are abundant with premium quality of footwear, handbags, wallets and belts. Besides the big brands found here, there’s a wide range of small businesses that create equally valuable products and represent the market for Italian souvenirs and gifts.


Chulucanas Pottery from Lima


Created by the locals of Lima’s Chulucanas region, the markets here are packed with beautiful pottery items. Renowned for its gorgeous artwork world over, the Chulucanas Pottery patterns come into light after the product has been shaped and fired and come out with a rich dark hue.




Finding a unique and breath-taking souvenir is not so easy and can quickly get you cornered in a rut of shops with similar stock. Whatever you buy, make sure you enjoy the experience of looking for the perfect keepsake and make it more personal than choosing the typical mementos of key chains, magnets and coffee mugs.


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