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Visiting France: Exploring the Pyrenees

Why Inexperienced Walkers should Head to the Pyrenees


Now that my kids are getting a bit bigger, I really want to get back into hiking. But my three year old is much more into it than my 6 year old. So we are looking for starter walks and hikes to get our feet wet before we invest in those hiking boots and packs and set out for a few days (I hope to do Canada’s Juan de Fuca Marine Trail with them in the next couple years!).

We are in France this month exploring for 2 weeks. Besides driving through small towns in Provence, exploring history and a stop at Disneyland Paris, We plan to be outdoors as much as possible.

If you’re looking for a walking holiday but you’re a little inexperienced and more of a Sunday afternoon rambler than a professional, the Pyrenees has some of the most perfect walks for you.

As one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world, the Pyrenees is situated on the Franco-Spanish border and is home to some amazing wildlife creatures including mountain bears, and some of the most breath-taking views in the world. It’s much less developed than the Alps so can be much quieter, especially in less seasonal periods making it the perfect mountain

A natural haven for outdoor lovers, the Pyrenees are perfect for hiking, skiing, cycling and climbing so there’s plenty to do. A lot of inexperienced walkers tend to rule out the Pyrenees as too challenging but with so many easy routes that don’t go too high, fast or steep there’s something for everyone. Here’s a few great reasons why it’s perfect for inexperienced walkers:


There’s such an amazing variety of different types of walks in the Pyrenees that make it the perfect for all abilities. From the wet and green scenery in the West to the more challenging dry, Mediterranean sights throughout the middle and the Catalan East, there’s a mix of lakes, streams, forestry and wildlife meaning that whatever your interests are you’ll find the perfect area for you to explore, the Valley du Marcadau and Lac de Gaube have some easy walks with some incredible scenery to boast. Take a look at the selection of routes available at Macs Adventure to find the perfect walks for you.



As inexperienced walkers, you might be wanting to incorporate some culture into your trip to break up the walking. Luckily, the Pyrenees has some fantastic cultural sites for you to visit. From medieval monasteries to ancient ruins and Romanesque churches to amazing architecture and antique markets, it’s a haven for cultural tourism.

We recently visited the Monastery’s in Meteora, here is some info on Athens to Meteora.


Amazing Food

Food is probably going to be a big part of your itinerary when going on a walking holiday and you’ll need it if you’re not used to doing such a lot of walking. With some of the world’s finest cuisine on your door step you’ll be spoilt for choice with what is available in the Pyrenees. French food is quickly becoming my favourite from artisan cheeses to croissants and crepes, as well as sausages and meats, as you move from the French side towards Spain the cuisine slowly changes giving you an amazing sample of this region’s culinary delights. After hiking if you head into Madrid, check out traditional foods to try in Madrid.

If you do go into Spain, check out the best pintxos in San Sebastian.


With so much more than challenging walking routes to offer, the Pyrenees is the perfect place to go on a walking holiday for inexperienced walkers.

Do you incorporate hiking into your travels? Do you have any recommendations for us? Something that little legs can handle, max a few hours and not too much elevation. Some is ok, the boys mastered Khuptha Trail in Jordan’s Petra to view the Treasury from above, so they have some grit in them!

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