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Planning Your Time in New York: Where is and isn’t worth visiting

Hits and Misses in NYC New York by Carpe Diem OUR Way

Planning Your Time in New York: Where is and isn’t worth visiting


New York, New York; it’s a heck of a town. If you’re thinking about taking a trip to New York City in the coming months, you’ll probably want to know the best spots to hit and which to avoid.

This post going to make the job considerably easier for you by providing you with three places worth visiting, as well as three which have been seriously overhyped by the NYC tourism board over the years. If your time is limited in New York, this is a great way to see the best of the city!

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Brooklyn Flea Market Worth the visit in New York

Brooklyn Flea ”“ worth it

Flea markets are always great fun, but if you”™re looking for a hearty and healthy dose of New York life, the Brooklyn Flea Market is certainly somewhere you”™ll want to check out.

With over 100 flea vendors and a slither over 30 food stalls, you”™ll not only find some amazing trinkets, but also lots of delicious food to keep your belly full while you shop.

This where all the varied cultures of the city converge together as one, in a mish-mash of flavour, vibe and vigour. Certainly one to check out if you”™re after a real taste of New York.


Times Square ”“ not worth it

This square is a little different to the majority you”™ll find across the rest of the nation, with this mixture of lights and colours serving as nothing more than a momentary breath-taker before reality sets in.

Yes, it”™s a relatively powerful sensory overload for the first few seconds, but, once all that wears off, what are you left with?

The answer, is a weird oblong space surrounded by busy streets with virtually no pedestrian areas at all. Sound great, or what?… Times Square also finds itself on a list of the world”™s most disappointing tourist attractions ”“ so don”™t make it a must see.

Staten Island Ferry Hits and Misses in New York

Staten Island Ferry ”“ worth it

If you”™re looking to catch a glimpse of some of New York”™s most famous landmarks, why not roll them all into one trip?

The Staten Island Ferry not only provides you with a relaxing and picturesque trip across the Hudson river, but also gives you an up-close and personal glimpse of monuments like the Statue of Liberty and most of lower Manhatten.

Save yourself the time and effort by witnessing these magnificent landmarks while taking part in another pleasant trip. Two for the price of one.

Empire State Building ”“ not worth it

Queues, queues and more queues. This rather lacklustre exhibit has grown in notoriety over the years thanks to its gargantuan size ”“ but in reality offers very little in the way of entertainment factor.

The selling point of the building comes in the form of the majestic view it offers out over New York itself, but, as one intrepid traveller put it, “Yes, the view is good if you can move through the throngs to the edge, but any tall building in the city would offer that.”

Hours of queuing and being crammed in tight places for a good view? Definitely no worth it.

Coney Island New York

Coney Island ”“ worth it

Coney Island was once famed for all the wrong reasons, with a freak show standing out as the primary point of focus for travellers making the journey there.

Things are very different now, with a host of attractions serving to boost the reputation of the area from those relatively dark days.

Nathan’s, The Cyclone and the Wonder Wheel are just a handful of the amazing attractions which”™ll draw people to the revamped site.

Central Park ”“ not worth it

Yes, Central Park certainly offers some picturesque views, but don”™t be deceived into thinking you can amble through for a pleasant stroll.

There”™s so many people crowding into this area you won”™t have a moments peace of mind ”“ with hordes of tourists and locals alike spoiling the views.

A much better option is the Brooklyn Bridge Park ”“ which is equally pleasant, with considerably less people frequenting it.

If you”™re looking to take a trip to New York in the coming months, make sure to keep these tips in mind. You won”™t want to be wasting time and effort if your time to New York is limited!

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Hits and Misses in NYC - New York for First Timers by Carpe Diem OUR Way

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3 thoughts on “Planning Your Time in New York: Where is and isn’t worth visiting

  1. Ray

    While I agree with you about Times Square and the Empire State Building, I disagree with you about Central Park. It’s worthy of visiting for a couple of hours as there isn’t a whole lot of greenspace within Manhattan. It’s also not as busy in certain areas of the park as you make it sound like. Otherwise, I would add Top of the Rock on this list as an alternative to the Empire State Building. Not only is it a bit cheaper, but it offers the best view of all of Manhattan.

  2. Kristen

    This is a good list. Instead of the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock or finding a rooftop bar are better suggestions. I only disagree with Brooklyn Bridge Park – it’s pretty touristy. The riverfront park in LIC or a Astoria have really nice views and aren’t crowded.

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