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Whats New at Carpe Diem OUR Way and Hawaiian Recap!

Some BIG News and Welcome to Spring in the Northern Hemisphere!


A big thank you to all of my newsletter subscribers, especially those of you who joined when…… was in it’s infancy! Many (or probably most) blogs do not ever reach the 6 month stage and i am proud to say that we have been at it for a YEAR!
Some big news for us is that fellow mom and travel lover, Christi Manson, has joined… Carpe Diem OUR Way… as an associate writer! You can read more about Christi below!


Christi Manson Carpe Diem OUR Way Writer

Christi Manson is a full time professional and married Mom to a spunky 5 year old daughter. Christi lives in Surrey with her family and spends time day dreaming and planning the next getaway adventure!


So where have we been and where are we going?

2016 has been busy, as we found ourselves on the beautiful island of… Oahu… for three weeks and then back to… Vancouver… and over spring break spent a week in sunny… San Diego. The next few months you will see lots of stories of these adventures coming up on the blog, as well as day trips and weekend trips from Vancouver, for all of you Vancoverites!
This weekend, Christi and I will be attending the BCATW’s (British Columbia Association of Travel Writers)… Annual Symposium and i cannot wait to share everything we learn about this beautiful place and the communities around it! Stay Tuned!

Products we love for our kids?

Every so often, we feature a product we love that relates to children and travel! This month, it is Little Passports!

Markus checking out the Map!

Markus checking out the Map in the Early Explorer’s Edition!

We are proud to be Affiliates for… Little Passports!…  and they are turning 7 this month!… Until… Friday, April 15th, Little Passports is offering the following savings on their Monthly, 6 Month and 12 Month subscriptions:

  • $7 off any Monthly subscription. Use promotion code:… BDAY7
  • $14 off any 6 Month subscription. Use promotion code:… BDAY14
  • $21 off any 12 Month subscription. Use promotion code:… BDAY21

to visit their website and order, click HERE!

Wandering one of Hawaii's Beautiful Beaches

Wandering one of Hawaii’s Beautiful Beaches

And Finally, after three amazing weeks on the Islands of Hawaii, here are some of our most popular posts:


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feel free to check them out if you are considering a Hawaiian Vacation with your children!




Lindsay is the founder and editor of Carpe Diem OUR Way. She left her career in Canada to share her love of travel with her two young boys. She is passionate about sharing adventure travel activities for families and to encourage others to explore the world. She resides in the suburbs of Vancouver when not jet setting abroad.

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