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OMG I Can’t Find my Child! ID Bracelets for a Parent’s Worst Nightmare

ID Bracelets for Children


It is any Parent”™s Worst Nightmare, they turn around and their child is gone. Now don”™t get me wrong, im not talking worst case scenario. But im talking about that amazing theme park day where your preschooler runs off with their eye on Mickey Mouse, while you try and drag your toddler away from the playground!

But when you look up they are gone: around the corner, behind a wall, past a crowd, gone.


I think it is one of those word”™s a parent fears the most.

I have read a few posts on dealing with younger children in busy places. Ideas such as putting your phone number on their arm in sharpie is the most common one.

But I think this one is WAY better!

ID Bracelets for Children from… Road ID

So what is it, it is an ID bracelet, custom printed with whatever information you want on it. Originally designed for cycling, this ID bracelet”™s intent is to be able to identify a cyclist in the event of an accident.

ID Bracelet for Children Review

ID Bracelet in Black

But I think it has great applications as an ID bracelet for children who are not old enough to tell someone important information, such as their parents phone numbers or even their last names. You have up to 5 lines of text, which are completely customizable for whatever information you want. For our purpose, if our kids cannot find us, the plan is to find another parent with a child or a worker at the facility and tell them they are lost. Then show them the bracelet. While i can easily convey this information to my 4 year old, for my two year old it is much more basic “if you lose mommy, find another child’s mommy and tell them you can’t find your mommy.” So maybe they do not see the bracelet right away, but better to have it, than not!

ROAD ID - ID Bracelet for Children in Theme Parks

Customizable Text

They come in various colors and sizes, and they even have a ruler on their site to help choose the right size.

Ruler to measure your child's wrist

Ruler to measure your child’s wrist

Road ID is having a sale for the next 2 days only! All of their bands are 25% off! I hightly recommend that you check them out and use them on your next holiday!

Click on their website to order :


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