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We are here to INSPIRE, EDUCATE and INFORM anyone looking to travel, whether in your own backyard, or around the world.


Whether you are looking for inspiration or education, you are sure to find it here on Carpe Diem OUR Way. With her boys in tow, Lindsay Nieminen, creator of Carpe Diem OUR Way, shows off the best family holidays, whether close to home or a non-traditional family travel destination!

One week you may find her paddling Lake Louise in Canada and the next, hiking to Petra in Jordan! Lindsay loves sharing all of the must-do’s with her boys as well as looking for off-the-beaten-path authentic cultural experiences where she can listen and learn about other people’s history as well as their daily lives today!

Lindsay provides INSPIRATION, EDUCATION, and INFORMATION on how just about any destination can be one to enjoy as a family! She is passionate about showing that parents should not put off their travel dreams until their children are older. The future is not guaranteed for anyone, and she aims to show them how to seize the moment and share their bucket list adventures, or even their first vacation with their children.

Lindsay Nieminen with Mattias and Markus Carpe Diem OUR Way Adventure Family Travel
Jordan Travel Guide to Petra


Lindsay loves seeking out emerging markets and off-beat destinations that can be explored (with and without kids). Jordan is one of her favorite countries in the world and she is passionate about showing others how they can visit destinations that are not constantly featured on the most popular travel destinations.

Find the complete Jordan Travel Guide as well as a step by step guide to planning a trip to Jordan You can also visit her website Step into Jordan which is full of useful advice for visitors to one of her favorite places in the world! Recent posts on Jordan travel can also be found below.

DID YOU KNOW? Lindsay also created a food tour in Jordan called Amman Food Tours! Her goal is to help visitors get a taste of the delicious array of flavorful choices in Jordan.


Lindsay was born and raised on Canada’s West Coast. She is constantly seeking out new experiences around Canada to show others the best of her home country.

Find the complete guide to Canada travel with kids! Recent posts on Canada travel can also be found below.

Lindsay also has a website dedicated to travel in her home province of British Columbia. You can read more about it at

Canada With Kids Travel Guide


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