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Work with Us

Lindsay is the Editor and Head Writer of Carpe Diem OUR Way. Her vision behind the website is to show parents, that their dreams of visiting far-flung destinations do not need to be put off because they have a family or are single parents.

She shares travel advice, destination pieces and genuine travel information as she visits countries all over the world with her two boys.

Carpe Diem OUR Way Statistics

Carpe Diem OUR Way’s social profile reaches thousands of people every day. With over 65000 followers on Instagram, 39000 followers on Twitter, reaching 550K on Pinterest and 2400 Facebook likes.

With extensive hashtag research on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, my goal is to get your brand’s message out to as many targeted viewers as possible, giving my clients the best ROI.

Carpe Diem OUR Way has over 100 000 page views per month.

Do you have a potential opportunity that would fit our audience or our travel style?

Carpe Diem OUR Way is open to:

  • Press Trips (or FAM trips) to promote your destination, hotel, cruise ship, airline, train, igloo, castle, cabin … You get the idea! This is a “family travel” blog, so please consider the kids in any pitch. Our travel style is midrange to high end budget, as we often travel around the globe and share our vacation and travel stories with those who have the means to take such trips.
  • Sponsored product reviews or brand ambassadorships
  • Sponsored trips, tours, cruises, entrance passes and stays
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Freelance Writing

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And the impressions and coverage does not stop on Carpe Diem OUR Way. Lindsay works on many collaborative posts and has freelance work on major travel websites, bringing more attention to your brand or destination. You can see recent writing on websites such as Trivago and Go Nomad Travel.

See Lindsay’s Freelance Work Here

You can read more on our About Us page!

Our past partners include:

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