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Packing Essentials

Carry on can be a breeze, especially when you are going somewhere warm. Here are a few things that I am packing with me this summer.

Hat clip: This has quickly become a new favorite travel item. No need to wear your summer hats through the airport or squish them into your beach bag with this handy hat clip!

Phone lanyard: No pockets? No problems with this phone lanyard. It also works great when you want to make sure you do not drop your phone while doing something wild like downhill tricycle riding in Kazakhstan : )

Universal basic adapter with USB and USBc: I use a universal adapter so I only need to carry one wherever I go. This basic adapter also has USB and USBc plugs!

Perfume atomizer: A must for any carryon bag is this travel sized perfume bottle. Magically squirt about 20 pumps of perfume into this travel sized atomizer!

Trtl Travel Pillow: This is the best one that I have tried. Its pricey, and I am on my second one because I left one on the plane already 🙁 but it was good enough that it was worth buying another!

Extension cord with USBc: If you have lots to plug in, consider this handy extension cord!

Anker tiny charger: Want a quick boost of power with minimal size and weight, use this tiny charger.

Anker charger: Want multiple charges and more power, grab this charger than has USB and USBc options.

Waterproof case: Pack your phone and any cash in a small waterproof case so you can enjoy snorkelling without worrying about anything going missing! I have tried taking photos from this case and sometimes it works, but do not expect great underwater imagery!

Stylish Waterproof Shoes: If you are anything like me and hate wet feet, then Vessis are your answer!

Period Proof Swimwear: Because beach vacations do not always happen at the right time!

Want to know how I stay connected? It is cheap and easy with an e-sim. I use Airalo and have used it in every country I have been to since last summer. For as low as $4.50 you can have enough data for a week long trip! Much more affordable than the roam like home phone plans! Check it out here!

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