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About us

First of all, thank you so much for checking out my website. Whether you found my website when searching for content on visiting Jordan or if you are looking for the best family travel tips, I hope I have answered any questions you might have!

Lindsay Nieminen Carpe Diem OUR Way Amman Jordan Roman Amphitheatre

About us

Lindsay hails from Vancouver, Canada but has discovered she loves being a foreigner. She is the voice behind most of the posts you will find here and is a Jordan travel expert. She is spontaneous, loves travel, soccer, wine, photography, and only recently discovered she loves to write. After intermittently journaling for most of her life and then talking about blogging since their first vacation as a family of three, she has finally put the plan into motion. She has the vision behind Carpe Diem OUR Way and has forever tried to seize the day and not let an opportunity slip by. She is new at solo parenting, as well as solo parent traveling and is sharing what she learns about the trials of wrangling two boys by herself on overseas flights and hotel rooms!

Lindsay is a member of ATTA, SATW and a BC Board Member of TMAC (Travel Media Association of Canada)

Lindsay’s freelance writing can be seen in Travelife, Go Nomad Travel, Canadian Traveller, Travel Thru History, Shoulders of Giants and many collaborations online. You can see her published articles on her Freelance Page.

Mattias and Markus are currently along for the ride. At (now) 9 and 7 years old, they are now seasoned travelers!  Mattias is often referred to as Matti throughout this blog. He is kind and cautious and happy to talk to anyone. Markus is a fearless adventurer who’s love-of-love is evident in his smile! He loves animals and his favorite place in the world is Petra, where he loves the donkeys and the kittens.

Most of the posts you will find on this site are catered to traveling with my kids in tow, but that does not mean they are not applicable to all travelers. I love spontaneity and adventure and bring my kids along for the ride!

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