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7 Reasons Why You Need to Book a Trip to Kenya Immediately!

Visiting the Maasai Mara in Kenya is an unparalleled experience that draws visitors into the raw beauty of nature. It provides a unique opportunity to witness the incredible diversity of wildlife in their natural habitat. The vast savannah landscape, dotted with acacia trees, serves as the backdrop for the renowned Great Migration, where millions of wildebeest, zebras, and other herbivores traverse the Mara River in a spectacle of survival and instinct.

The Maasai Mara draws visitors all year round because of its high concentration of predators. The authenticity of viewing animals in the wild and the luxury of safari camps make Kenya a must-visit destination for those seeking an unforgettable safari adventure. If you are not already convinced, read these top reasons to visit Kenya!

Kenya sunset giraffe
Golden Hour in the Masai Mara, Kenya. Photo by Lindsay Nieminen

Experience the Great Migration

This is one of the biggest draws to Kenya’s Masai Mara and nearby Tanzania’s Serengeti. The wildebeest and zebras are found in the Mara from June to October but July and August are the best times to see the mesmerizing river crossings.

One of the epic ways to see the herds is on a sunrise balloon trip for a bird’s eye view.

Kenya - ballooning over herds in kenya
Kenya sunset giraffe
wildebeast migration vertical

Witness the Culture of the Masai Mara People

The Masai welcome visitors to their villages to show them a glimpse of the traditional life of their people. They are just one of the 40 tribes that call Kenya home. As you get to know locals, you are likely to find that they also come from these traditional tribes.

kenya masai mara sunset lindsay nieminen

Enjoy some of Africa’s Best Game Viewing

Kenya is one of the best places in the world to see a high concentration of cats! Lions, cheetahs and leopards are commonly spotted in Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve. The cats are not bothered by the vehicles. They consider them part of the environment. You will find some more elusive than others (like the leopard) but the prides of lions will often roam right around the vehicles.

kenya lion
Kenya - up close and personal with tourists in Masai mara

Enjoy the Luxury of a Safari Lodge

Some of the most luxurious safari lodges can be found in Kenya. They offer excellent dining, luxurious rooms, amenities, and service. While in Kenya, we chose the JW Marriott and chose to fly in. They had a driver waiting to pick us up, offered a welcome picnic, and then took us to the lodge.

It is interesting to talk to the lodge management and learn how they are supporting the local communities near their lodges. It could be security or service-oriented positions that people from the local area are trained in. Of course, there are also highly specialized jobs, but the lodges make sure that local people can benefit from their presence.

Kenya luxury lodges - full service bar
Kenya - Jacuzzi on patio in Luxury Lodge
kenya - luxury tents

Enjoy Warm Weather in any Month

The weather in Kenya is comfortable all year round. Kenya’s daytime temperatures average between 20°C/68°F and 28°C/82°F, but it is warmer on the coast. Kenya is too close to the equator to experience a real winter and summer. There is, however, both a Dry and Wet season. June to October is dry season with chilly mornings. November to May is the wet season with March, April and May being the wettest (but greenest) time of year!

Experience a sundowner you will not soon forget

Safari culture has some unique experiences that you will not find in other parts of the world. It could be sunrise breakfast or sundowners as the sun dips below the horizon. It is usually filled with snacks, drinks and lively conversation

Kenya - Mara people at sunset

The Beach

Diving and snorkeling are best from October to March in Kenya. There are 4 areas to enjoy the beaches. Kenya’s South Coast, Mombasa, Lamu Archipelago, and Malinda.

7 reasons to visit Kenya now!

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