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I Love Google Flights and You Should Too

updated Sept 7th 2016

Here is my Google Flights review and a few tips and tricks to make it work for you!


IF, You are not quite sure where you would like to go!

and/or You are flexible on dates

and/or You are looking for a great deal

and/or You are curious as to where you can fly to from certain cities

then I highly suggest checking out the best flight comparison website i have found, Google Flights!

You can google airplane tickets, or google cheap airfare or even google flight comparison but google flights is the best site to compare flights in an easy to use interface

Since we are always planning our next vacation and even looking at open-ended travel, we often have no set schedule, I find myself browsing for a flight search tool and always end up back on Google Flights. I find them the best site to compare flight prices and how they show the average prices to fly from A to B in certain times of the year.

hawaii beaches carpe diem

We “think” we want to go to Hawaii in January for a month and then travel on from there. This looks like paradise to me! How about you? Again i could search airfares in many places, but i like to start with google flight finder as it is my personal preference as the best site for flights.

I have no idea where you can fly from Hawaii but would like to find a few flight comparison options. I’m looking to head into the South Pacific, but I am not really too picky where. Anyone who knows me knows that my needs are simple: palm trees, beach, roof over my head. All the rest is gravy.

But it is ok if you are not as flexible as me, or you know where you want to go. Google flights is still great to compare airlines and check peak travel days.


Here is an example of a recent search I did on Google Flight Search Engine.


Choose your Departure City (in our case Vancouver, whose airport code is YVR) and your Arrival City (HNL is Honolulu’s airport code).

Something that i really like about Google Flights compared to traditional sites like Expedia, is that you can leave the Arrival blank, or you can enter a region such as “Europe” (I will go into this a in more depth below!)

Add your date and you can search!

If you look at the graph, it shows you the cheapest fares over the entire month. Looks like we picked a good date! the google flights graph is by far the coolest feature for browsing!

Google Flights graph - carpe diem family travel


You can check out the map view to see the results on a map. Its always cool to see the flight routes visually! take note that there are some airlines not on google flights. So use it, as i do, but also check into other options, smaller carriers etc.

Google Flights - Map YVR HNL Carpe Diem travel blog

You can also check out the “Tip” box for suggestions to find a better deal. In this case it told me i had chosen the lowest fare +/- 3 days. You can click on the options provided and it will let you buy airline tickets on google flights. It just takes you to the airline’s website to book. you don’t book your flight on google flights directly.


Google Flights Search - Carpe diem travel blog

SO why do we think Google Flights is the best site for finding flights!


Remember when I mentioned above that you can choose a “region” you want to fly into. Lets say you want to go to Europe from Toronto. Enter your details into the google flight planner and voila, you can see the different prices to fly into different cities. You can even choose the filter at the top, and make your search more specific based on: number of stops, prices, specific airline, departure times and flight duration. Just remember, the more specific your request, the less results you will get. If we are just browsing for the cheapest city to fly into and we are somewhat flexible on dates we want to include as broad a search as possible.

Google Flights Review: Our Pick for the best website for cheap flights

You can see in this Example that its cheaper to Fly into Edinburgh then London On July 10th. So when I click on Edinburgh you can see on the graph that it is actually cheaper to leave on the 8th! Isn’t the graph amazing????

google flights - edinborough search carpe diem

When you click through it lets you know the airline and will direct you right to the airline site to book.


google flights - edinborough flights carpe diem 2

Another great option is the flight monitoring. If you click “save My Itinerary” Google will monitor the flights and will let you know if the prices go down!

I highly suggest you pick up a Luggage Scale as every airline seems to have their own weight restrictions. If you pack like me, a quick weight before heading to the airport and I am no longer holding my breath when the agent puts your bag on their scale! has a great one for just $7.99!

So now that your flights are sorted out I plan to give you a great Hotel Booking Site review, but until that is ready… Why not try out for your accommodation! We love their free nights!!! Click on the image below to be directed to their website!

So there you have it! The best place to search for flights! have you tried Google Flights? What is your favourite feature?  Did i miss something about the best travel website for flights?

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Tips for using Google Flights to Save $$$ on your next flight - Carpe Diem Our Way Travel Blog


Lindsay is the founder and editor of Carpe Diem OUR Way. She left her career in Canada to share her love of travel with her two young boys. She is passionate about sharing adventure travel activities for families and to encourage others to explore the world. She resides in the suburbs of Vancouver when not jet setting abroad.

34 thoughts on “I Love Google Flights and You Should Too

  1. Laura Lynch

    I love that Google Flights shows you prices for an entire region and you don’t have to choose a specific location. I’ve always wanted to be able to see where we can go that has the cheapest flight because we don’t always have a destination in mind.

  2. Carmen | Carmen's Luxury Travel

    We used Google Flights recently to book travel to Europe. I was able to find first class tickets for a fraction of the price offered in some of the other travel sites. I find it much easier to use than Expedia most of the time.

  3. Meg Jerrard

    Thanks for this post! I LOVE Google Flights, though only just recently found out about it. We were shocked when using it for some research to find that a detour through Easter Island on our way from Bolivia – the Galapagos would only add on another $100 to our flights. So I credit Google Flights absolutely with the reason I’ve been to Easter Island!!

    Really cool tool – thanks for the review!

  4. Amanda Zeisset

    I’m so glad I found this post! I’ve never used Google Flights but I’m checking it out right now. It’s perfect for the kind of travel that I do. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Dariece

    Seriously…! Wow, I had honestly never heard of Google Flights before! How great is it that you can just enter a region, rather than a specific country?! That’s the coolest thing ever.

    Thank you so much for this!

  6. Adam

    I’m a Program Manager for Google Flights, and really loved seeing this post and comments!

    Lindsay, thanks so much for writing it, and everyone else, really appreciate the thoughtful compliments 🙂

    I’m especially delighted that you highlighted the region search; I use that a lot, too. You can actually specify one or more airports, cities, states, and countries as well, by the way ;).

    And speaking of location flexibility, did you know that you can also add multiple cities for either the origin or destination? I often put “sfo,sjc,lax” because I live near the first two, and my parents (that I sometimes visit) are near LAX, so it makes sense for me to fly out of any of those airports. And similarly for the destination, you can add even far-away airport combos, like NRT and LHR; this is handy for when you’re excited about visiting one of multiple cities and want to see which is more affordable for a given date set.;f=SFO,SJC,LAX;t=NRT,LHR;d=2015-08-18;r=2015-08-25

    Lastly, just wanted to let you know that we recently added a cool new Flexible Date grid (a tab right next to the Calendar that you smartly highlighted).

    Let me know what you think, and please feel free to share the word with your friends online; the more the merrier 🙂 #GoogleFlights 😉

    P.S. — I *love* Scotland! Just visited the country in May for my first time ever, and only had time to see Edinburgh, but was absolutely wowed by how kind and friendly people are, and how picturesque the entire city is! Can’t wait to go back and see more!

    Just realized I hadn’t yet processed my photo album, but thanks to Google Photos, I was at least able to quickly select a handful of ones to share 😉

    1. Lindsay Post author

      Hi Adam,
      glad you found my post and thanks so much for the tips! i spend lots of time just playing around and seeing where i can go! my kids love looking at maps, so the photos that go along with the destinations are such a great add on too!
      – Lindsay

  7. Betsy Wuebker | PassingThru

    Yay! Google Flights! We LOVE Google Flights! Adam, you’re doing a great job! We found a flight to Fiji out of Istanbul for $700, as opposed to the $1200 we thought a one-way ticket was going to cost and did, on every other day but August 19th, which Google’s calendar showed us! Any time you save me $1000, you’ve got my undivided attention and loyalty.

  8. Will

    Very educational post! Love google flights and the wat that tech is helping people travel more and for less!

  9. Vanessa Chiasson

    I absolutely love travel research – so much fun! And when it results in a bargain it’s even better. This is exactly what I need to help with inspiration for my next trip.

  10. Paula McInerney

    I have just had a quick play at pricing a flight from Hong Kong to Chengdu for a client. I l played with dates just either side of the preferred date and got a better price.Will be using it a lot more.

  11. Francesca @onegrloneworld

    I just started playing around with the ITA Matrix so the timing of this post is funny! I want to learn how to use Google flights effectively for my future trips so thank you for this! Reading the other comments just confirms how good it is!

  12. Alice Teacake

    I am in LOVE with Google Flights. I wrote a blog post about it too because it’s that awesome. For flexible travellers who have a streak of daring adventure in them, it’s a treasure chest for travel!

  13. Tamara

    I didn’t realize you could pick region — what a great feature. This will be helpful for some travel I’m planning around Christmas because we want to go to Europe but don’t care exactly where.

  14. Dyson

    I love google flights, I have been using it for about a year now after getting frustrated with sky scanner which often shows misleading fares. I really like the option to view available destinations by map while filtering.

  15. Tonya

    Road trips are my preferred mode of travel so I’ve not even heard of Google flights. I’m so glad you shared your experience. My husband and I are planning an overseas trip and this is going to come in handy. And save me a TON of time researching different airline/airport options.

  16. Alex Datsev

    Thanks for the great tips on using Google flights! It sounds like a very useful tool, especially if you are flexible in terms of dates and destinations…

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