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Learning while Travelling: Reading Eggs Review

Learing to Read While Travelling Reading Eggs Review

Teaching Kids to Read While Travelling: Reading Eggs Review


While road tripping in New Zealand this month, Mattias, who is 6, is an emerging reader and very eager to work on reading skills and learn to read. AND, like most kids, he is a big fan of technology. Since he would be missing 4 weeks of school, I was happy to be able to find a learn to read website since it was portable, and would (hopefully) keep him engaged while we were away. It has taken him awhile to get into reading, but we make an effort to read every night, and I try and encourage his interest as much as possible. I get a lot of grief for taking my kids out of school to travel, but I believe I am not doing them any disservice. They are engaged and eager children who are learning about the world around them, different cultures and beliefs and we are doing some math and teaching phonics along the way!

Markus, who is 4, always says he does NOT want to even consider opening a phonics reading work book since he is not in Kindergarten yet (He will start in Canada in September). But he does attend preschool when we are not abroad, and can recognize his name and also knows some letters. After opening my computer and letting him use it (which is a novelty for sure) I am able to easily say “Hey Markus, 10 minutes of reading eggs” and he says “YAY!” That is a mom win in my books!

teaching preschoolers to read with Reading Eggs on the computer

Teaching preschoolers to read: Markus in our AirBNB is happy to get on mom’s computer for 15 minutes of Reading Eggs

How to Teach Kids to Read: Reading Eggs Review

Reading Eggs is designed for ages 3 and up, so it was perfect to introduce both boys to it! We started with the placement test for Mattias and he landed on level 61. I thought the test was easy to follow and he enjoyed his achievements and his placement. Although he is below the expected reading level for Grade 1 in Canada, and Reading Eggs places him at 5.25, I am eager to help him learn more sight words and this is a great activity to get him to do for even 30 minutes a day (and gives me a chance to blog!)

Mattias Started on Level 61 on the 3-7 year old program of Reading Eggs

Reading eggs App is available on IOS or on Google Chrome it was easy to add to my iPhone

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I do find that I need to supervise Mattias while he works on his Reading Eggs levels. He tends to tap, tap, tap, rather than actually thinking about some of the answers, so I like to make him slow them down and work on sounding out the letters. We are aiming for 15-30 minutes a day, but while travelling we get to it ever couple of days right now. I am confident that Mattias will learn to read, at his own pace, and I am sure that reading eggs will help that natural learning take place while we are away from school.

Markus is only 4, and I like to watch and encourage him as he works on a lesson. He is NOT my technology kid, but spending some time watching him seems to be enough for him to continue his lesson. The reading eggs books are nice and short and perfect for his attention span. He repeats the words on the pages without any prompting. So if you ever wonder “how to teach my child to read,” this has been a great introduction for Markus before he starts Kindergarten in the fall. I have also found that when doing it on the laptop, it works on his dexterity. While travelling he uses the mouse on the laptop, which is a bit tough to get used to, but at home I can connect a mouse and it works great.

teaching preschoolers to read


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